6 Fun She-Shed Ideas That Are Easy to Put Together

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There isn’t always enough space in your home for you, your family and your hobbies. The good news is, if you have a garage or similar area, you already have the space you need. You’ll just have to convert it into a “she-shed,” a place just for you.


Need some inspiration? Here are a few simple ideas to get you started.


Remote Workspace 

Have you been sharing a small home office with a spouse or partner? Are you ready to have your own space again? You’re not the only one. Last April, Google queries for office sheds began to increase and, now, thousands of people are converting their backyard spaces into remote offices. Why not do the same?


Save time and money by building a shed — or using a pre-existing structure — rather than adding on to your home. Remember to add plenty of windows to make the space feel light and airy. Then, fill your office with plants, office furniture and a filing cabinet or two.


Backyard Bar 

If you already have enough space for an office, convert your shed into a backyard bar instead. Invite your friends over to unwind after work and shake up the best cocktails in town. All you need is a few hundred dollars and a few free weekends to make this dream a reality.


Use brick effect wallpaper to create a British pub vibe or use old shiplap for a farmhouse chic style. Authentic bar signs, mirrors, shelves and a quality counter are must-haves for this space. Put stools outside or inside and add a few finishing touches before raising a toast to all your hard work.


Craft Shack 

Would you rather spend your evenings knitting and painting? Regardless of which hobbies you enjoy, a small, secluded space is necessary to finding your flow and cultivating creativity. Thus, the best idea might be to turn your shed or garage into a craft shack.


If you’re into gardening, make your little shack into a potting shed, complete with a potting table, stool, planters and stands. On the other hand, if you’re into painting, you could set up an easel, hang a few blank canvases on the walls and create a small space for potential models to sit and pose.


Shala Shed 

Mindfulness and mediation have become more popular in recent months. So, if you’ve discovered a passion for yoga, breathing exercises or other mindfulness activities, you may want to create a safe, quiet space in which to relax and find your center.


Convert your shed into a shala — or studio — by clearing out the space until you’re left with four bare walls and an empty floor. Then, add a mat, some blocks, a bolster and a strap if you’ll be practicing yoga. Otherwise, you might only need a meditation pillow, a few candles and maybe a journal or two to begin your mindfulness practice.


Garage Guesthouse

Maybe your mother-in-law likes to drop by unannounced or your friends frequently stay the night. If the couch is the only place for them to rest their heads, it might be time to turn the garage into a guesthouse.


Remember to insulate all the walls, including the door, to protect against inclement weather and fluctuating temperatures. Then, install some softer flooring on top of the concrete or lay down a few rugs. Add a fresh coat of paint to the walls and maybe even the overhead beams and decorate to your liking. Regardless of who comes to visit, they’re sure to be impressed with this little space.


Breakfast Nook 

What’s better than soaking up those first rays of sunshine? Watching the sunrise from your private breakfast nook, of course! Ditch your formal dining room and create a serene sanctuary right in your backyard.


Install windows or even skylights to create a greenhouse effect and warm the space while you sip your coffee. Then, add some plants, a little breakfast table and one or two cozy chairs. Make sure everything faces east so you can watch the sun pop up over the horizon each morning.


Build, Buy and DIY

If you already have a garage or shed with good bones, work with what you’ve got. Otherwise, you might want to build one from scratch or buy a prefabricated structure.


Remember to get a permit first and hire an inspector to approve electricity and water use. As long as you get the a-ok from them, you can turn your shed into practically anything as long as it makes you happy.


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