Flooring for Beginners: What Type of Flooring Will Suit My Home? 


When developing your interior, it is always best to invest in things that will both prove useful in the immediate term and last for some time to come. Much like décor, furniture and the statement pieces we use to furnish our homes, we can’t simply forget about flooring! 


Investing in a good type of flooring will change the interior design of your home and make it look a whole lot better. With this, there are different things you must consider when choosing floors for your house – we will delve into them throughout this article. Keep reading to find out which type of flooring will suit your home. 



One of the first types that may suit your home is that of laminate flooring, which is affordable, durable and long-lasting. Laminate has been used in homes across the world for years as it comes in an incredibly wide variety of styles, and is easy to maintain.


One of the best things about laminate is that it is very durable as it is able to withstand more moisture than other types of floors. Therefore, if you spill something or if your shower leaks (for example), you don’t have to worry about cleaning it up as quickly as you would with other types. 


This is why it is useful to use laminate in rooms with higher moisture levels such as toilets, bathrooms and shower rooms. It is also a great option if you have a younger family and children as it can be cleaned and cheaply replaced every so often and when need be! You should aim to ensure the UK laminate flooring shop you choose offers high-quality laminate, so that you can get the very most out of your investment.



Secondly, solid hardwood is another type of flooring that works very well for different homes too. Solid hardwood is known for being one of the most timeless and classic floors as it has never gone out of style. It is a solid, all-natural material that lasts a very long time. 


People opt for hardwood not only because it lasts, but also because it is a very worthwhile investment. At times, hardwood can actually add some value to your home which heightens your prospects if you ever intend on moving to a new house. 


It is important to remember that hardwood cannot handle higher moisture levels. This means that if something spills, you have to clean it up quickly to prevent it from embedding within the grooves of the wood. Therefore, opt to lay hardwood in bedrooms and living areas. 



Out of the many different types available, the final type that might suit your home is that of carpet. People usually opt for carpets if their home is a bit colder or if they have younger children. This is because a carpet is cushioned and provides some comfort as you walk on it. Despite the benefits of carpets, you do run the risk of needing to replace it as it is easily stained and difficult to maintain. 


Which flooring will suit your home?

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