How COVID-19 Will Change the Way We Design Our Homes

Because of the current pandemic situation world has been caught in, social distancing, and more frequent need to work from home, our homes are starting to play a major role in our everyday life. There is a need to adjust our homes for doing multiple activities and fulfilling different needs, especially when we talk about larger families.
Except for the fact that people are trying to adjust their living space to be their perfect home office, there is a need for comfort and choosing the quality furniture. As much as it’s important to choose a good office chair on which we can work long hours, it is also important to find the most comfortable bed, which will allow us to rest and restore our energy.
All this entirely changes the way we design our homes. Let’s find out exactly how COVID-19 will change the way we design our homes.

1. Designing Home Office Seems More Relevant

You could say that COVID-19 had a great role in changing the business environment and giving it a new shape, that is quickly coming along our ways. It’s almost certain that working from home in a post-Coronavirus world will become a trend since more and more companies tend to transform their business models to allow their employees to work remotely. Because of that, a lot of people have decided to create or improve their home offices to completely suit their needs, in order to do their work productively.
It is very important to make your home office productive and calming, allowing you to completely focus on your job, without having too many distractions around you.
We know that, when working from home, there are a lot of distractions. Therefore, in order to allow yourself to properly do your job, it’s crucial to design your home office to give you a feeling like you are at your job, and not at home.

2. Creating an Adaptable Home Environment is Crucial

Since working remotely from home means that you will spend more time there, it would be a really good idea to diversify your space. What that means is you should consider creating an adaptable home environment, and to clearly define indoor and outdoor space. For instance, one area could be just for work, some other for relaxation, and a third one for doing a workout, or reading. This is also one of the most popular requests clients make to home designers nowadays.
This type of adaptable home environment allows you not to feel overwhelmed by the job, for instance, since sitting in one room for the whole day, doing multiple activities, can be quite burdening and heavy on your mind.

3. We Appreciate Outdoor More

Being locked and under martial law in some countries made us realize how important being outdoors and enjoying nature actually is. Hanging out with friends, making jokes, laughing, is something that everyone needs in their life, and something this pandemic tried to take away from us.
However, people are now aware of what they have and what is important, so being outside feels much more enjoyable. Therefore, we are trying to enjoy being outside more. For example, a lot of remote workers are sitting in their backyards or balconies, and work from there if their job allows it.

4. Investing in Improving Air Quality Is a Trend

Since COVID-19 is a completely new disease that has proven to be quite unpredictable, a lot of people were afraid and decided to invest some time and money into making their homes as safe as possible.
One of the ways to do that is to improve the quality of the air in your home. This includes getting air purifiers, such as special ACs or small room air purifiers.
If you are not so fond of products, there is always a choice to use natural air purifiers, such as different types of houseplants. These are great for improving air quality, and often, they don’t take too much space, so it’s not a bad idea to have them in your home.


5. Keeping Your Home Clean and Sanitized Is Important

With the coming of COVID-19, everyone suddenly remembered that it’s important to wash your hands and to keep your home as clean as possible. Nowadays you can see a lot more of sanitizing products and tools in almost every home in the United States, as well as in other parts of the world.
This gave rising popularity to innovative tools, used for this purpose, as well as allowing the sanitizer industry to rocket up since everyone wants to have a clickable hand sanitizer in their homes.


COVID-19 definitely changed our everyday habits, as well as the way we live. These were just  some of the most common ways COVID-19 changed how we design our homes.

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