How to Decorate Your She Shed: 8 Fun Ideas

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Everyone needs a space of their own. With a she shed, you have a place where you can relaxget comfortable and have some much-needed privacy. 

All that aside, how do you plan to decorateThe room can be as warm, welcoming and whimsical as you like — attuned to your personality and preferences. If youre unsure where to start, these fun ideas will help you set up your she shed with style. Or if you are planning to build a new one, be sure to check these DIY she shed plans by

1. Get Window-Boxy

What’s cozier than curling up and reading a book in a beam of sunlight? Hopefully, your she shed has ample windows, and you can make your space feel homier by adding a planter box to each one.

If you enjoy sipping a cup of herbal tea when you work on your hobbies, why not plant a calming variety of species like lavender, chamomile and vervain? 

If you like to change colors with the season, you can grow tulips in the spring and let marigolds carry you into fall.

2. Consider All Your Options

If you don’t have a separate structure, why not make your garage into a she shed? You’ll have to do a few customizations to make the space less like a mechanic’s shop. You’ll need to winterize your door to keep Old Man Winter out when the snow starts to fly. 

If you don’t have a garage, you can also look to your basement or attic. Even a walk-in closet can become a personal refuge.

3. Control Your Climate

You won’t want to spend much time in your she shed if you shiver or sweat. If your building is a separate structure, you’ll need to run electricity. Space heaters make an economical alternative for wintertime warmth. Make sure you follow all safety rules and never leave it plugged in unattended.

You can also find window and portable air conditioning units for the summer months. If you live in an arid climate, a swamp cooler can drop your temperature by several degrees.

4. Spruce Up Your Lighting

Unless you only want to use your she shed on sunny days, you need ample lighting. You can go with a glitzy chandelier or overhead track model that lets you direct beams to your craft area. You can also find table lamps for curling up next to with a book.

What if you don’t want to run electricity to your she shed? You can find battery-operated LED lights that install underneath counters or anywhere else you need illumination.

5. Add a Few Provisions

When you’re hard at work on the Great American Novel, you don’t want to have to walk back to the house to refill your mug. Install a tiny kitchenette space in your she shed so you always have ample snacks and provisions.

Are you an oenophile? Why not make your she shed into a backyard wine bar by adding a bistro table and a few bottles of your favorite vintage? What a perfect place to spend the afternoon gossiping with your best friends!

6. Make Space for Your Hobbies

Do you live to scrapbook? Perhaps you’re into woodworking or love to do yoga. Whatever your hobby, make room for it in your sacred she shed space.

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot. You can make a craft table out of wood pallets that you can often get at your local hardware store for free. For a yoga studio, all you need is floor space and a couple of wooden crates to store your straps and blocks.

7. Get Cozy With Your Seating

If you want to spend a Sunday afternoon nap in your female space, you need a comfy couch. You can have as many throw pillows as you want in your she shed, so fill your space with inviting bliss. Add some throws — perhaps that you knit yourself— to keep you warm on winter days.

8. Create a Scent-sational Atmosphere

You want your she shed to engage all your senses, including smell. Create a signature scent by investing in an aromatherapy diffuser and blend your favorite essential oils. Aromas like jasmine and orange invigorate you, while valerian and passionflower help you relax.

Decorate Your She shed With These 8 Fun Ideas

Your she shed is a sacred space! Help it better reflect your personality and ambitions by decorating it with these tips.

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