How to Remodel a Bathroom & Save Money

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A bathroom is a place where you get ready for a day in the morning and prepare for bed at night, so it’s critical to create both an inspiring and relaxing atmosphere there. If you are reading this post, then you might plan some renovations. However, the average cost to remodel a bathroom is up to $11.000. That’s too expensive, right? Luckily, there are ways to remodel your bathroom on a budget.

We’ve teamed up with designers and constructors to provide you with well-tried tips and tricks so that you can create a fresh and inviting space and save money. Grab your DeWalt hammer drill and other instruments, we are beginning to build a bathroom you love for cheap!

Consider DIY Projects

We’ve already touched on how much it costs to remodel a bathroom. If we break down all remodeling costs, we’ll see that the biggest expense is labor – about 40%-65% of the total price. Further, you spend on vanities – up to 30%, fixtures – up to 20%, faucets, and plumbing – up to 16%.

So, doing everything you can do yourself, you trim a few thousand more dollars off the budget. What does a DIY bathroom remodel on a budget should include? You can remove old wallpaper, fixtures, install light fixtures, paint walls, and vanity – these are the easiest tasks everyone can definitely handle. If you are the handy one in the family, you’ll easily do shower tile, install shower head and faucet, attach a sink, do some plumbing, etc. These things are not nearly as difficult as you could imagine.

DIY projects especially bathroom renovations can be made possible with fixtures such as an upflush toilet system. This toilet fixture is not only budget-friendly but is also easy to install. No need for custom plumbing; just electrical and water supply.

All in all, DIYing most of your bathroom will save you mega-bucks.

Develop You Budget Plan

When you consider steps to remodel a bathroom, make sure to develop a thorough budget plan, and stick to it. You have to understand how much money you are going to spend. Further, you should consider how much to devote to different aspects of your upgrade. Ensure to go over every detail such as paint, decor, new vanity, tile work, etc. This way you’ll be able to control everything and costs won’t blow out of control.

Design Your Own Mirror

A mirror and medicine cabinet can add great value to your bathroom. However, it can cost you a pretty penny, that’s why making your own mirror may be a good way to save money. It’s easier than you think! Just buy an industrial-grade mirror, and frame it with molding. You’ll be impressed with the result – a beautiful, custom-designed mirror at a pretty low cost.

Use Less Expensive Materials Instead Of Tile

Tile work is quite expensive, especially if you choose contemporary, premium options. To reduce your expenses, consider the following solutions.

  • Pick up the vinyl tile for the flooring. Up-to-date vinyl tiling looks as nice as ceramic, plus, it’s designed to last. You won’t be disappointed with its quality.

  • Use wainscoting for walls. The walls will look interesting, besides, it’s a project that is straightforward to DIY.

  • Tile a part of the wall and paint the rest.

  • If you still want artistic, expensive tile, you can lay it as an accent alongside cheaper material. This way, artistic pieces will be more noticeable and you save tons of money.

  • If you are looking for designer grab bars for your bathrooms, do check Live Well online.

Redo Old Bathtub Or Shower

Replacing an old bathtub or shower can cost you mega-bucks. Luckily, there is a more affordable solution – have them relined professionally. As for sink and shower fixtures, it’ll be more reasonable to replace them than to refinish. Things are trickier if you have vintage bathroom fixtures or tub and don’t want to shift them. If professionals renovate this stuff for you usually, it’ll cost a lot. However, if the pieces are made of fiberglass, porcelain, or cast iron, you can try to freshen up them yourself.

Do Not Move Plumbing

Moving shower, toilet, or sink can cost a fortune! You hardly can do it yourself and will need professionals to complete the job. Besides, these works will leave your bathroom and toilet out of service for at least a few days. Therefore, if it’s possible, leave the plumbing where it is. This will save you thousands of dollars.

Update The Toilet

Another small bathroom remodeling on a budget is toilet updating.

A new toilet can cost more than $300 if you choose a high-end model, plus, you’ll need to buy supplies to install it, and hire professionals to do the job. However, in many cases, the existing toilet is totally ok, and all it may need is a bit of refreshment. So, do not change your toilet, instead, just swap out a lid and seat. You’ll be impressed by how this simple and cheap fix adds a new look to your toilet.


If you thoroughly develop your budget plan, stay creative, and do the most of the work yourself, you’ll save thousands of dollars. Although your costs greatly depend on the room size and renovations you want to make, your costs won’t blow out of control if you implement the simple steps we mentioned above.

We hope that our tips and tricks will help you to remodel your bathroom on a budget without compromising on a quality result.


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