Luxury Home Design Tips For Homeowners On A Budget 

Many homeowners dream of filling their homes with the finest furnishings and enhanced decor, but unfortunately this lifestyle comes at a price. An extremely high price to be exact, which realistically they would prefer to spend the investment elsewhere. It is however possible to create a beautiful home without splashing out the mega bucks on designer homeware items despite common knowledge. This does not mean to say you have to shop at cheap discounted homeware stores. You can decorate and style your home to match the details of million-pound homes, with only a fraction of the budget.

It all comes down to where you place items, where you find them, and overall how to pair them to bring the space together. Take a look at the following suggestions for creating a luxury home design on a lower budget:

Create Space 

All luxury homes have one thing in common, they have space readily available. Whilst this may not seem achievable if you are only working with minimal space, you simply have to create the illusion of space. Luxury homes also avoid over-cluttering, which is advantageous when considering the cost of filling up a whole room with decor. If you wish to create space you can implement simple hacks such as adding floor-to-ceiling curtains to give the illusion of a wider length of the room. Also, you might consider adding large rugs into rooms that have hardwood flooring, as this likewise lengthens the space and creates the appearance of greater space.

Experiment WIth Maximalism 

As much as minimalism has taken over home design trends, we are starting to creep back into maximalism. This essentially is the inclusion of variable shapes, patterns, and colors within a space. It is an easy way to show your creativity within the space, and ultimately give a luxurious feel to your home. Try adding different textures and colors into the space. This might be done with various luxury homeware textures and shapes, and also by adding pops of color where possible. To avoid adding vibrant colors that don’t match, take a look at a color wheel to see which shades will complement each other the best.

Second-Hand Furnishings 

An effective hack for getting luxury furniture for a fraction of the price is to go on a second-hand furniture hunt to find bargain pieces. Second-hand furniture in most cases can be easily rehomed, as possibly brought back to its original state with a deep clean. Finding the future at markets and even at vintage warehouses is especially valuable when you’re looking for unique pieces that are sturdy and also have unique features. You might have to spend some time searching your local area and maybe even further, but it will pay off when you find desirable items at sustainable prices. Second-hand furniture that has stood the test of time is also great for avoiding regular replacements or breakages.

Add Soft Detailings 

Another element of luxury home design is creating a texture contrast which can be easily done with softer detailing. This can be as simple as adding bunches of pampas grass in hard kitchen spaces, but also making sure you have a complimentary collection of pillows of your choice on the sofa is just as effective. Soft detailings can also be added by adding round, soft rugs in relaxing places such as the sitting room and bedrooms. Rugs are a great way to layer the space even when the carpet is present and induce a softened feel.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, you do not have to be a millionaire or even an interior designer to create a luxury home design. Simple additions such as floor-to-ceiling curtains, wall art, and luxury homeware items are proven to elevate the dullest looking of spaces. Save the money in your pockets, and take the time to find stunning items without the designer price tag.

About The Author

Daisy Moss is a freelance writer specializing in vintage jewelry. When she isn’t writing you will probably find her looking for her next investment in Hatton Garden.