The Most Prestigious Neighborhoods in the Southern U.S.

The most prestigious and affluent neighborhoods of the southern United States are known for their beautiful homes, well-maintained streets, and desirable amenities. Here are a few of the most coveted.

Garden District, New Orleans, Louisiana

With its rich history, iconic homes, and vibrant atmosphere, the Garden District is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in New Orleans, much sought after by those who appreciate its charm, cultural heritage, and proximity to renowned restaurants, music venues, and historic landmarks.

Established in the nineteenth century by the elite of New Orleans, the Garden District was one of the earliest examples of a luxury suburb. Many of its homes are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Garden District is a tight-knit community, with some families having been here since the neighborhood was established. If you’d like to be a part of the Garden District, the community will welcome you with open arms.

Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia

Once occupied by Creek and Cherokee, Buckhead would later be occupied by the soldiers of Andrew Jackson. According to James Ottley’s book Atlanta History for Cocktail Parties, in 1838, the 202.5 acres that would eventually become Buckhead were deeded to Henry Irby for $650.00. “Mr. Irby was a small man and wore a No. 6 boy’s shoe.” But he “left a huge footprint on the history of Atlanta.”

After Irby built a tavern and grocery store near the intersection of Peachtree and Paces Ferry, the area soon became a welcoming stop for travelers and locals alike. According to legend, in the early years of the town, Irby hung the head of a buck he had hunted from a post for all to see, after which people began calling the town of Irbyville “the buck’s head,” which became “Buckhead.” Irby maintained ownership of the town until his death in 1879.

Buckhead became a prime spot for country summer homes, and soon Atlanta’s wealthiest residents were purchasing land and property in the sleepy little town. Estates were built on the wooded lots, people fell in love with the area, and what had been a place for often seasonal residences evolved into a year-round community.

In 1952, Buckhead was annexed to the city of Atlanta, and in the years since it has grown dramatically. Many of the larger estates have been sold and split up, making way for prestigious commercial development: Lenox Square, Phipps Plaza, Tower Place. Buckhead offers some of the city’s best shopping, dining, and entertainment, earning it the soubriquet Beverly Hills of Atlanta.

Mountain Brook, Birmingham, Alabama

Originally developed in 1929 by prominent businessman Robert Jemison Jr., Mountain Brook, just three miles from Birmingham, immediately began setting new standards. When founding the Tiny Kingdom, Jemison imagined a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of downtown Birmingham. One aspect is Mountain Brook’s network of bridle paths running through estates and along nature preserves.

A trendsetter since the start, Mountain Brook is also the location of the very first office park in the United States, featuring low-profile office spaces surrounded by lush landscapes in stark contrast to the towering giants of many city centers.

Palm Beach, Florida

Once known as Lake Worth, Palm Beach was named for a ship, the Providencia, that washed ashore in 1878 with a load of coconuts that settlers planted in hopes of creating a profitable coconut industry. Thus arrived the iconic coconut tree in southern Florida.

Word of the warmth and beauty of the area spread, and in 1880 the town’s first hotel, Coconut Grove House, was built. Soon enough, as more hotels popped up along the coast, Palm Beach became a vacation hotspot.

The bustling community of Palm Beach is known the world over for its quality of life, small-town feel, and heavenly weather. It’s easy to fall in love with Palm Beach.

River Oaks, Houston, Texas

The name of River Oaks reminds residents of the many ancient oak trees in the city. Located in a naturally wooded area crossed by the Trinity River, River Oaks has been a sought-after location since being incorporated as a village in 1941.

In 1849, James Ventioner built a log cabin in the area. He later donated some of his land for the school that would become Castleberry Elementary. Soon after, the school’s namesake, Zack Castleberry, moved to River Oaks with his family. Both the Ventioners and the Castleberrys were attracted by the rich farmland and gorgeous oak forests.

River Oaks is still well known for its natural beauty, and families from around the country choose to settle down here for this very reason.

History, Beauty, and Luxury

The most prestigious neighborhoods in the southern United States offer a unique blend of history, beauty, and luxury. Whether it’s the charm and cultural heritage of the Garden District in New Orleans, the upscale shopping and dining of Buckhead in Atlanta, the peaceful retreat of Mountain Brook in Birmingham, the heavenly beaches of Palm Beach in Florida, or the natural beauty of River Oaks in Houston, each neighborhood has its own distinct allure.

These neighborhoods have attracted residents seeking a high standard of living, architectural splendor, and a strong sense of community. From historic homes listed on the National Register of Historic Places to modern estates and lush landscapes, these neighborhoods provide residents with an exceptional lifestyle.

As you explore the southern United States, consider these prestigious neighborhoods for their beauty, history, and the unparalleled lifestyle they offer. Whether you seek cultural immersion, natural tranquility, or luxurious amenities, these neighborhoods provide the perfect setting for those who desire the best that southern living has to offer.