Trending Bathroom Decor Ideas for 2021

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we need to be comfortable in our home all the time. Regardless of the amount of time we need to be at home, we should always feel like there’s no place we’d rather be but there. That’s why 2021 will be all about making our place of residence look and feel like the coziest and most tranquil places of all. Bathrooms will go through a serious makeover as relaxation and spa time have become crucial parts of our everyday routines. This is how bathroom design will change in 2021.

The return of the tub

Keeping in mind the fact that relaxation and comfort have become imperative in the previous year, bathrooms will go through a significant change. From showers, many homes will upgrade their baths with tubs. They will allow them to have all the necessary soothing baths to help them find their Zen. From asymmetrical to black tubs, we’ll be seeing a true revolution of bathtubs in 2021. A claw-foot tub in an edgy black hue will give a dose of luxury to your bathroom. It will also offer a lovely contrast if you go for glossy white or earthy-toned walls. In addition to claw-foot tubs, many will go for flat-bottomed models, to enjoy an extra special soaking experience.

Spa-like feel

Bathrooms have always been the sanctuaries where you’d run away to when you needed to completely unplug, and forget about the hard-working day behind you. That’s why in 2021, we’ll have every little bit of spa in our bathrooms. Think earthy hues, plants and clean lines to make for the utmost spa-like feel. Milky wallpapers and tiles, beige and light brown floors in combination with greenery around the windows will allow you to feel like you’ve gone to your favorite spa. Incorporating natural elements will add to the warmth factor, so consider unfinished and painted wood wall treatments as a part of the decor.

Back to nature

Natural hardwood finishes will be one of the most popular floor options in 2021. Instead of going for actual hardwood floors, you can choose quality vinyl flooring in some of the fabulous wood mimicking finishes and have all the natural-looking effects you need. Cement paired with natural wood will be another groundbreaking trend when it comes to bathroom design. We’ll be seeing countertops with an array of mixed materials just waiting to make our bathrooms look more natural.

Marble surroundings

Marble has definitely left a mark in the previous years, which is why we’ll be seeing lots of it again in 2021. From marble tiles to bathroom accessories, you can expect to see marble finishes all around you. Countertops with marble finishes have been all around social media, not allowing us to fall out of love with this luxurious design. Ceramic and porcelain tiles that mimic marble is also a wonderful choice to consider for your floors and walls. If you combine it with dominant wood patterns, the perfect mixture of the two materials will create a clean and elegant décor composition in your washroom.

More sophisticated lighting

One of the bathrooms trends of 2021 will also be more sophisticated integrated lighting. If you’re going for a clean, polished interior, backlit mirrors, and medicine cabinets will fit into the concept flawlessly. One of the most popular options includes illumination behind the mirror, instead of on the ceiling. Not only will this option offer ambient lighting without added reflections on the mirror, but it will also make the vanity appear weightless and spectral. Furthermore, with backlit mirrors, you’ll get a perfect nightlight when dimmed. 

Final thoughts

2021 will be all about comfort and natural design. So, if you feel like it’s time to redesign your bathroom, think about adding a bathtub to it. With the mixture of natural elements and integrated lighting, your bathroom will get that perfect spa-like feel that you need to feel completely at ease.

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