Trendy Home Improvements You Can Do on a Budget

Modern home improvements don’t necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg. In general, homeowners associate modern design with enormous price tags and high-end materials. Certainly, many large-scale design projects are like this, but fortunately, there are various high-impact but low-cost trendy home improvements that you can do within your budget, and still have an amazing modern home in the end.

Replace the front door

First impressions in homes matter a great deal and replacing an outdated-looking front door is something that will significantly improve your home’s curb appeal. This is among the best investments you can make in your home because it not only enhances your home visually but also improves its safety, particularly if you opt for the latest steel models.

Those first impressions extend the minute you walk through your front door and enter your hall. Particularly in a small home where every space counts, halls are the first point of contact, so make it exemplary! This is an excellent place to display some extra art, elegant mirrors, ornamental pieces, and flowers.

Upgrade dated lights

This quick and easy upgrade will instantly modernize your home at a small price. Replace old light fixtures with trendier and sleeker fixtures. Go for recessed lights and install dimmers for creating the desired ambiance. The latter, in particular, is an inexpensive update that creates moody lighting making it appear customized and high-end.

You can pick almost any finish, but it’s advisable to stay consistent in the style or finish of your light fixtures throughout your home. This will help you avoid a disorderly and untidy look.

Update window treatments

Another way to make your home look more trendy and appealing is to modernize dated window treatments. Do away with old draperies and blinds to make way for simple, elegant curtains on a rod. An inexpensive option would be ready-made curtain panels, but make sure they are long enough to brush the floor and wide enough for a luscious drape.

If you still want to keep the blinds for their functionality, consider wood blinds, Roman shades, or honeycomb blinds that look contemporary. Also, think about your comfort and eliminate any possibility of insects spoiling your lounging indoors. The most convenient solution is installing retractable fly screens which are uniquely designed, easily installed, and suitable for a large variety of window casements.

Kitchen renovation

A renovated kitchen sits high on potential buyers’ shopping lists, and even if you can’t afford a major kitchen renovation, minor remodeling hacks can offer great returns on investment for your home. This typically involves updating finishes and fixtures, without changing the kitchen layout.

Think about big surfaces first, replacing dated laminate countertops with solid surface countertops should be a top priority. Marble is certainly very trendy, but this material is notoriously high-maintenance, so choose quartz or a marble-like granite. Go for the same material for a backsplash – it will give your kitchen a very classy and seamless look. While at it, pick a modern kitchen sink that imitates farmhouse sinks with an elegant rectangular design and deep basin, and complete the look with a tall, arched faucet.

For cabinets, opt for simple, sleek lines for timeless appeal. If your cabinets are still in good shape, just replace the fronts, or have them professionally repainted in a trendy shade of white or grey.

Refresh the bathroom

In addition to renovated kitchens, an updated bathroom adds value to your home. A few simple fresh details will transform your space – a new ceramic tile floor, sleek tiles in the shower, a new high-quality bathtub, and a brand new, chic, and durable vanity countertop with an under-mount sink for a more elegant look.

Paint everything

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to a dated home! If current color trends feel too risky to you, consider neutral greys or timeless off-whites. This will make it even easier to add in some color – a few splashes of vivid shades that will draw the eye and infuse energy into your modern home. You can bring in a bright yellow armchair, add colorful sofa cushions and decorate your empty walls with artwork pieces.

As these tips suggest, it’s possible to create a modern and elegant home on a budget. It’s all about a careful choice of paint colors, sticking with high-quality items, and adding eye-catching details that give your home a unique appeal.