What You Need to Know before Hiring a Duct Cleaning Company

Are These Signs For Duct Cleaning Toronto?

The air duct system circulates air and distributes heat and in the house. It keeps us comfortable throughout the year, and it is easy to forget about checking on it. As it helps with the circulation of fresh air in the house, dirty air from a dirty air duct can be dangerous and that is why duct cleaning Toronto is recommended by most experts.

When your air conditioning ducts are cleaned, you benefit from clean air, better health and your energy bills reduce. Dirty air ducts are also likely to be inefficient, and one way of maintaining them is by carrying out regular duct cleaning Toronto. But how will you know that it is time to clean your air ducts? According to Comfort Clean, you should contact a professional duct cleaner when you notice the following signs. Take a look.

1. Pest in Your Air Duct

Have you seen or heard some movements in your ac duct? Pests like mice, rodents and other small animals look for homes in the dark hidden spaces and build their nests there. Also, if you have a pest infestation in your home, chances are they have also found their way into the air duct. Having them in the air duct pollutes the air, and it can bring health complications. 

When you notice a thing, schedule a day with professional duct cleaners to help you get rid of these pests. They know the possible hiding places, and they will clean them during air duct cleaning. You can also check this website for more guidance on how to deal with stubborn pests.

2. Check for Mold in the Outside

If you keenly inspect the air ducts and notice the presence of mold, chances are it has also spread to the inside. Mold spores are easily transferred to other areas, including in the inside of the air duct. Inhaling air with mold can lead to allergic reactions like sneezing, red eyes and skin rash. It is more dangerous to people with allergic reactions because it leads to shortness of breath. 

Ensure you check your air duct at least twice a year to ensure it is free from mold. If you spot any spores, call your air duct cleaner for duct cleaning Toronto.

3. Dust Inside the House

If after cleaning your home, dust settles on the objects every quickly and you feel that the air you are breathing has dust, this is a sign your air ducts are letting some dust accumulated on it to your rooms. Dirt and debris from home find its way to the air conditioner and inhaling dirty air can lead to allergic complications. Dust is more dangerous to people who have asthma. To maintain clean air free from dust, have duct cleaning Toronto carried out by a professional.

4. Difficulties With Duct Insulation

Insulation in the air duct improves its efficiency and reduces energy costs. The insulation can also give you warning signs that your air duct needs cleaning. Ensure you check it regularly to ensure there is no flaking or dampness. Schedule for a cleaning time with air duct cleaning professionals if you notice wetness or numbness on the air duct. 

Is Professional Cleaning of the Air Ducts Worth It?

Some people are used to DIYs, and the moment they notice these signs, they might be in a dilemma whether to call professionals or to do it themselves. HVAC systems are different, and you should understand yours well before contacting the cleaner. Some have easily accessible parts. If you can see and reach all the parts on your HVAC, you can clean it yourself. If this is not possible with your AC, you should get a cleaning professional to do it for you. 

Professionals are well experienced and know the possible areas pests and dirt can hide. However, some dirt even on the easily accessible systems needs a professional to deal with it. If you notice mold and debris, this is a good sign that your system needs a professional to clean it. 

As the homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your family is safe from respiratory complications by regularly checking your air duct. Breathing normal air is better than inhaling air with debris, mold spores and dumbness and can cause severe complications like shortness of breath to a family member with asthma.