Someone Discovered A Way To Unlock Hidden Shows And Movies On Netflix And It’ll Change How You Binge Watch Forever

With cable prices surging and networks constantly playing the same old crap over and over again, we always turn to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon to fulfill out entertainment desires. But, if you’re like me, you run out of things to watch there too. Huge bummer, right? Well, apparently, there is a way to unlock hidden content on Netflix.

According to Her, all you need to do to unlock hidden content is by using a web browser and having some codes—which, someone online brilliantly found for all of us. Just log in to your Netflix account, use the URL You just change the number at the end to fit the genre category you’re looking for.

Action & Adventure: 1365

Action Comedies: 43040

Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 1568

Action Thrillers: 43048

Adult Animation: 11881

Adventures: 7442

African Movies: 3761

Alien Sci-Fi: 3327

Animal Tales: 5507

Anime: 7424

Anime Action: 2653

Anime Comedies: 9302

Anime Dramas: 452

Anime Fantasy: 11146

Anime Features: 3063

Anime Horror: 10695

Anime Sci-Fi: 2729

Anime Series: 6721

Art House Movies: 29764

Asian Action Movies: 77232

Australian Movies: 5230

B-Horror Movies: 819

Baseball Movies: 12339

Basketball Movies: 12762

Belgian Movies: 262

Biographical Docs: 3652

Biographical Dramas: 3179

Boxing Movies: 12443

British Movies: 10757

British TV Shows: 52117