12 Advanced Life Hacks That Everyone Needs to Know

Because who doesn’t want to do things a little bit easier?

I think we can all agree that life is made a little easier with some easy-to-use life hacks. These 12 tips have gotten me through holidays, financial topics, skincare problems, college crises, and so much more. So, if you’re looking for some behind-the-scenes hacks that can help with your daily life, read on.

1. You can save money on a coffee order by ordering a grande iced vanilla latte with caramel drizzle ($4.95) instead of a grande iced upsidedown caramel macchiato ($5.25) since it’s the same recipe.

2. Using aloe vera gel as a buffer between your skin and a topical drying acne cream can reduce the burn of chapped skin while your skin adjusts to a harsher medication (usually in prescription medications).

3. If you want to leave your house to work or study but don’t want to spend money at a coffee shop or cafe, your local library has quiet places to work – and most even have private rooms you can reserve.

4. For students, using a picture of your schedule as your lock screen for your electronics can save time and confusion while trying to get from class to class.

5. Using a pencil holder/cup to store remotes is usually cheaper than purchasing an actual remote control holder.

6. A candle jar lid can make a great last-minute coaster.

7. If you have a long document (essay, book, proposal, etc.) and need to remember something from it, highlight it in a bright color and/or increase the font size so it’s easier to find when you’re scrolling.

8. Use a paper clip as a bookmark to show exactly where you stopped reading.

9. Create a separate folder in your email for receipts/order confirmations from online orders you’ve placed so you have all of them in the same spot without littering your inbox. You can also do this for offers and coupons you get from stores that you want to save.

10. Buy birthday and Christmas presents throughout the year so you’re not rushing the week before.

11. When traveling, cover the top of a liquid-filled bottle with saran wrap before screwing on the top. This will help stop any leaks that may happen when your bag is being tossed around.

12. Fill your carry-on bag with heavy products while traveling (books, shoes, electronics, etc.) so that your checked bag will weigh less. Not only could it save you from paying extra money, but you’ll be able to handle your heavy (and maybe more valuable) products yourself.

Whether traveling, shopping, cleaning, or anything else, these hacks will help you save money, travel easier, clean more efficiently, and overall save you some time and effort. Try some out and see how much easier your life may get!

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Emmie Pombo is a latte and tattoo-loving Tennessean who specializes in mental health and beauty writing. She holds a degree in Journalism and a certification in Makeup Artistry and Airbrushing. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.