10 Most Useful Websites You Need to Visit Right Now

What did we ever do without the Internet? No, I mean besides socialize and go out in public.

I was a sophomore in high school when AOL finally made it big, but my general demographic didn’t have ready access. It was expensive and required a credit card. When I turned 18, I was living in a place with unlimited dial-up Internet. Don’t worry…we used a separate phone line. I was watching television one evening and made it my mission to visit every website that they discussed on television.

Of course, that was back when TLC actually taught you something instead of trashing your brain. What can I say? I was 18 and ambitious. Clearly, that never happened. However, I have amassed quite a list of amazing websites that can and will make your life more interesting if not easier.

Here are my most useful websites that you should visit right now.

  1. Way Back Machine: Nothing can embarrass your web developer and web designer friends more than looking up their old web sites on Way Back Machine. This page is incredibly useful. I used it a couple of weeks ago to find an old post from a blog that is no longer online. If it doesn’t have a page archived, it gives users the option of adding the page. I added PuckerMob.

  2. Instructables: Bored? Need a science project? Just want to have some fun with the family? Then, you need to check out Instructables if you haven’t already done so. I learned how to make my own energy drink today. My cardiologist is not amused.

  3. Slightly Warped: Have you ever just had one of those days? Slightly Warped offers a great place to ready about oddities. Really, could you live without seeing Albert Einstein in women’s shoes? This website shows us that we aren’t as odd as we think we are.

  4. Ready Nutrition: Prepping isn’t just about the end of the world or zombie apocalypse. It’s simply about being prepared in the face of an emergency. Ready Nutrition has a lot of great information on preparation and homesteading. In fact, here are 50 things you could easily make for yourself. In the face of danger you could be running your own ketchup empire.

  5. Daily Zen List: This website has a new list every day. Daily Zen List offers around 12 articles on a list. At the bottom of the page, you can find an archive of lists.

  6. com: It was a very sad day for me when the slang word ‘twerk’ was added to the dictionary. I cried the day ‘ginormous’ was added. Yes, I’m one of those people. is a fun web site to help you increase your vocabulary. So, if you want to sound smarter and improve your writing, check it out. Also, there’s an app for that.

  7. The Beauty Gypsy:This girl is amazing. She takes old beauty rituals and combines them with modern science. The Beauty Gypsy categorizes her web site to make it easy to find your beauty fix. Now, excuse me while I go sneak more water into my life.

  8. Reverb Nation: Those who know me also know that I love music. I studied the violin, viola, and cello for more than 15 years. I married a musician. I love music. More specifically, I love independent and local music. Reverb Nation offers me fabulous music that I might not otherwise hear.

  9. Musicovery:Speaking of music, Musicovery is another incredibly impressive music site. You pick your mood and it helps you find just the right music. You can also search by artist or genre.

  10. Addictomatic: Addictomatic is a great site to use to get all of your news at once. You don’t have to go from website to website. You can get celebrity, business, world, sports, parenting, and whatever else your little heart desires. You can even personalize your results. It can save a lot of time for news junkies.