10 Things Everyone With a Purse Obsession Will Understand

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The unofficial term for someone with a love of bags is Pursophile, but we go a little beyond that: 

1. There is no such thing as too many purses.

There are so many different occasions that warrant a different bag.

We need our big totes, our slouchy totes, our leather day satchels, our day clutches, our wristlets, our cross body bags, our evening clutches, our straw baskets, our classic shoulder bags, our mini totes, the list goes on. They’re necessary.

2. There are so many ways to justify having so many purses.

It’s not just about fashion. Our bags serve a very important purpose: They hold our stuff. We don’t need all our stuff all the time though, and so we vary ourselves.

And life gets complicated – we could rip a bag, it could fall into a pool of tar, a bag could spontaneously combust. There could be a zombie apocalypse. It’s important to have many, many backups. Just in case.

3. Purses always fit.

Clothes can very often let us down. Toni Collette was lying when she said that “Shoes just fit,” because no. They don’t always fit.

With our favorite purse, It doesn’t matter how much we ate on Thanksgiving/Our Birthday/4th of July, because it will always fit like a glove the next morning.

We just sling it over our shoulder and go from looking drab to fab in under two seconds. Nothing else can provide such an ego boost. Nothing.

4. Men are jealous, even if they don’t admit it.

Being the practical creatures they are, they are super jelly that they can’t carry all of their man things around in a purse. Most of the time, They are limited to pockets. Can you imagine?

So men hate on purses more than anything else, but they have no problem asking us to carry their keys in them. MmmmHmm.

5. We get to carry our secrets.

Everyone knows it should be a felony to go through a woman’s bag. You just don’t do it. Not that we’re going to carry anything nefarious in there, but it’s nice to know we have the option. Our purse is like a little cove that only we are privy to.

6. Matching our purse with our outfit is optional…

Anything goes when it comes to the bag. We can wear a hot pink bag with a navy outfit. Whatever, you know? But when we do match, it makes our outfit look so much more polished and put together. Even if we are wearing sweatpants and Uggs.

7. If there’s a bag we just can’t get, a good fake is always available.

We don’t make a habit out of it or anything (or ok, maybe we do), but some bags are just too cute not to be had and also too hard to get. So we have no other option but to buy the very good fake at a tenth of the price of the original.

 We are still beyond excited to wear it, though.

8. A bag sale makes us squeak with delight.

Let’s face it, bags can get pretty expensive. And we have short attention spans. So a bag sale is the perfect excuse to get that new bag (or three) that we’ll probably tire of in three weeks and revisit in a year.

9. Purses never hurt.

Everyone is familiar with the pure hell that can come with wearing brand new shoes or uncomfortable new jeans. That new bra’s band can be way too tight, and that new sweater is scratchier than it was in the dressing room.

Not our bag. Our bag causes no pain. 

10. We’re ready for anything.

Whatever you need, we make sure we’ve got it. We have makeup, snacks, nail polish, a charger, extra socks, Sudoku, a water bottle, an umbrella, the kitchen sink, your parents, and any other basic survival need because we have the best bag ever.

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