10 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Wise Beyond Your Years

When you’re wise beyond your years, life’s circumstances have simply forced you to grow up in ways that others haven’t. 

1. You feel a bit different from other people your age – even if just slightly.

It’s not that you don’t fit in, you do. Pretty well, actually. But you’re mentally a few years beyond them. Whether it’s in how you deal with people or your general outlook in life, you see beneath the surface. You sometimes wish others could be on the same page as you, but you know everyone learns in their own time.

2. You’re not preoccupied with looks and appearances.

You’re aware that there’s more to it than just the way things look. Whether it’s good looking people, or someone’s life on social media that everybody envies, you don’t really get too caught up in it. Everyone has their problems but not everyone shares them with the world. 

3. This is why you know better than to be charmed by first impressions.

A great first impression is powerful, but you’ve learned not to become too swayed. Good looks, money, and power may draw others in, but you give yourself time to get to know someone. It takes more than just a couple hangouts to get to know someone’s personality, their morals, and their character, underneath the flashiness. 

4. It takes a lot to surprise you these days.

Growing up, you saw people act in ways that you wouldn’t have expected, events unfolding literally out of nowhere. You grew up knowing pain and heartbreak firsthand. But that’s why now, you’re not really too surprised if someone behaves shockingly or something outrageous happens. It’s more something you’ve become accustomed to.

5. You’ve seen things most people your age haven’t.

Some people mistake you for having an old soul, but that’s not exactly it. You can still be a kid at heart and be mature beyond your years. You simply saw things in life that your peers haven’t, which is what made you grow up so fast.

6. You have difficulty falling in love.

Because you stand out from the rest, it’s hard to find someone who’s just like you, who gets you on every level. They say love is the union of two souls, but with a soul that’s not easy to come by, finding love can be just as painstaking.

7. But when you do fall in love, it’s earth shattering.

You feel things on a profound level. Which is why when you’re really and truly love, you experience a love that goes beyond just the everyday. You challenge one another intellectually, confront each other in ways others are afraid to, and get each other in ways others simply can’t. 

8. You impress older people with your insight.

It’s weird. You may not even have been aware of your wisdom until adults many years older than you started calling you out on your intelligent outlook and attitude. Only then did it become clear that you operate on a separate level than most people your age.

9. You’re super strong.

You don’t show off your strength to just anyone you meet. Unlike some people, you don’t need to tell everyone at a party about all the sh*t that you’ve been through. Your knowing your strength is enough. So when the time does come around and it’s tested, you surprise people with your resilience.

10. Although it’s not always easy, you’d rather be wise beyond your years, than blind to the ways of the world.

Being wise beyond your years isn’t always fun – you’re aware of the darker matter that makes up the stuff of our society. You’re constantly questioning things, and trying to seek the truth. But sometimes you hit a dead end when you’re coming up with the answer. Despite all of this, though, you’d rather be where you are now, than ignorant of reality.

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