11 Thoughts Every Curly-Haired Girl Has Had

Curly hair is a blessing and a curse. While we have a unique hairstyle ready and waiting—one coveted by many straight-haired girls—our curls can still make us want to tug it all out and start from scratch.

If you’re a curly-haired girl, you’ve probably had some—if not all—of these thoughts before. And if you’re sporting straight hair, perhaps this list will help you understand your curly friends a little better.

1. “It’s humid outside today? Better stay indoors.”

While the straight-haired girls are enjoying the nice summer weather, we’re stuck inside trying to clamp down a mop of hair that’s now at least twice the size that it usually is. Binders, bobby pins and hair products are our friends on these days.

2. “No, you can’t touch it.”

The bouncier the hair, the more people want to touch it. Have ringlets? Good luck getting that creepy stranger to stop pulling it.

3. “I hope, hope, hope, you actually know how to cut and style curly hair.”

Finding a hair stylist with knowledge in curly hair is like finding a Starbucks that isn’t filled with first-time novelists. And, even if you ask the salon for someone with curly hair experience, you’re still rolling the dice. If they break out the blow dryer to straighten your hair for the final styling, you know you’ve found a dud.

4. “What a cute hairstyle! Too bad I could never have it…”

Those hairstyle magazines are our nemesis. Good luck finding a cute hairstyle in those pages that works with curly hair. It’s a straight-haired girl’s world. The grass is always greener on the other side, as they say. Speaking of which…

5. “You want curly hair? You’re crazy.”

Despite our insistence that curly hair is often a nightmare, all our straight-haired friends wish they could have it. The plus side? We never have any perm-related horror stories.

6. “Shoot, I woke up late and can’t take a shower. No one look at my hair!”

You know those people who can roll out of bed, rake their hands through their mane and go out the door looking like they walked straight off the runway? Yeah, they’re not us. With curly hair, it’s damn near unheardof to look great in the morning without significant coaxing. Heck, that’s why people had to invent something as weird and annoying as the pineappling technique.

7. “Oh, you say you tame frizzy hair? Yeah right.”

So many hair products out there say they tame frizzy hair. Those beauty companies are banking on us curly-haired girls. But do they actually tame frizz? Almost never.

8. “Fancy date tonight? Alright, I’ll be ready in 15 minutes.”

As long as our hair is already done, we can make it look fancy pretty easy. Straight-haired girls would kill to have tumbling ringlets cascaded from a bun—yet we can do it with just a few well-placed bobby pins. Curly hair isn’t all bad!

9. “OMG, my arms hurt. Note to self: Never straighten your hair again.”

Straightening our hair is an expedition, which is probably why we only do it about once a year. After holding up a blow dryer, round brush and straightener for hours, our arms are dead for the rest of the day.

10. “I wish I could have HER curls.”

Yes, there’s some curl-envy, even when you already have naturally curly hair. If you have loose curls, you drool over the tight curls of your afro-rocking friend. If you have tight curls, you wish for curls that go down, rather than up and out.

11. “I just vacuumed yesterday! How the heck did all my hair get over the whole house so fast?”

Do straight-haired girls shed as much as we do? Especially in the winter, we’re dropping curls all over the house like crazy. It’s surprising that we have any hair left on our heads at all.