15 Things Only Rugby Players Will Understand

Ask most people to describe rugby, and the best they can usually do is tell you about a confusing game they caught on some obscure cable channel (even then, they’re probably talking about Australian rules football).

The fact that it’s such a mystery to so many people contributes to making rugby such a close-knit community. If you’ve ever been on the field, in a scrum or part of the game in any way, then all or most of this list will be meaningful to you:

  1. Saturday’s a rugby day!

  2. Hooker jokes get old, fast…

  3. Playing wing on the college level is remarkably like playing centerfield in little league – it’s totally okay to not pay attention, because nobody’s getting the ball out to you, anyway.

  4. Drinking beer from a cleat is pretty much as awful as it sounds. But we do it when we have to.

  5. “Well, yeah, it’s kinda like football, but you pass the ball backwards. It’s…no, yeah, backwards. Just trust me, it makes sense.”

  6. It should be very clear why Jesus can’t play rugby.

  7. The episode of Friends where Ross played rugby marked a low point for the sport.

  8. Drinking beer isn’t an optional recreation – it’s the third half of the game.

  9. If I were the marrying kind (and thank The Lord I’m not, sir), the kind of rugger that I would wed would be a rugby…prop, sir. (I’d say why, but we’ve already established that hooker jokes get old fast).

  10. “No, it’s not a football, it’s a rugby ball. Yes, I know it looks like a football, but trust me, it’s different.”

  11. Lacrosse? Seriously?

  12. Anything worth buying is sold by Rugby Imports.

  13. Knee bent the wrong direction…looks like a bit of bone sticking out…HOLY FUCK that hurts! “No, I’m good coach, I can keep playing!”

  14. As important as it is to demolish the opponent on the field, it’s just as important to shake his hand and share a beer with him after it’s over.

  15. Sunday’s recovery day.

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