18 Signs that You’re Still Living in the 90s

The 90s were All That. Growing up in the 90s was the greatest time of your life, and you’ll never get over it. The movies, cartoons, food, games, clothes, and music were totally rad, and you wish it could all come back.

If you haven’t gotten over living in the 90s, here are a few things you may do to reminisce:

  1. Staying in to watch The Lion King on a Friday night is a night in well spent.
  2. Then, you stay up even later to watchh the Hey Arnold re-runs on Nick at Nite.
  3. The fact that Degrassi is finally coming to an end breaks your heart. It was supposed to go on and on and on and on.
  4. You’ve taken every single 90s related quiz the Internet offers.
  5. All of those totally kewl phrases like “As if!” “Why don’t you marry it?” “NOT” and “What Ever Loser” (including the hand motions) need to make a comeback. Why aren’t there any rad phrases today? Bae, yolo, and swag will never live up.
  6. When you found out that jellies and parachute pants were back in style, you flipped out, and proceeded to buy every pair your could find.
  7. Choker necklaces, snap bracelets, and hair clips are all the rage with hipsters. But you don’t dress like a hipster, you’re a 90s kid.
  8. One time you found a dusty packet of Dunkaroos in a far aisle of an obscure convenient store. In a fury of complete elation you ate it. Then you threw up because the expiration date was 1995.
  9. Yet you still wish all of those horrible foods would come back. Fruit by the Foot, Big League Chew, Bubble Tape gum, Cookie Crisp, and all of those artificial chemically processed foods should seriously be manufactured again.
  10. You wish it were socially acceptable for adults to play games. But your friends would think that you’re a freak if you invited them over for a night of Twister and Bop It competitions.
  11. You still mourn the death of your Tamagotchi. It was too young to die.
  12. Disney needs to go back to that opening scene of Cinderella’s castle on the blue background. Screw all of this new fancy shit.
  13. You’ve got a guilty pleasures playlist that you listen to regularly. It’s all old school Britney, Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, A*Teens, Christina Aguilera, and the rest of the top pop singers from the greatest decade ever.
  14. Remember all of those silly fads, like Hit Clips and wearing tank tops over t-shirts? As tragic as they were, you fondly remember your more innocent days.
  15. The excitement you felt when you got to watch Bill Nye the Science Guy in class was incalculable. When you found out that Bill Nye is now on Netflix, you were cut off from the world for days.
  16. On your more rebellious days, you dress like a 90s grunge punk kid just to spice things up. Sure, you might not leave your house, but it’s probably for the best.
  17. The fact that Hillary Duff is making a comeback makes you insanely happy. But you know that it’ll never be the same without Lizzie McGuire and her Disney Channel days. 
  18. The only redeeming factor about the current era is the fact that Furbies no longer exist. Those demonic gremlins sent from Satan have finally been defeated.