22 Things Only People Who Love Brunch Will Understand

Those of us who know the magical healing powers of brunch know that brunch isn’t only the best part of the day, but arguably the one thing that gets you through the entire week.

  1. Sunday brunch prepares you for Monday.
  2. Brunch basically starts at noon, so no need to get up early.
  3. And it’s acceptable (and expected) to show up still drunk or hungover.
  4. There are so many options…
  5. It’s crepes… and eggs Benny… and breakfast burgers… and pizza… and french toast things… and all good things.
  6. You know that even though it’s a little pricey, it means good food and bottomless drinks.
  7. …And bacon.
  8. And you never say no to bottomless drinks.
  9. …Or to bacon.
  10. Especially when it means DIY mimosa and Bloody Mary bars.
  11. There is a type of brunch to fit any mood or occasion…
  12. I’m talking food themes and atmosphere themes.
  13. Seriously, there’s Mexican food brunch, French brunch, meet-the-in-laws brunch, I’m-too-hungover-for-life brunch, party brunch…
  14. Yes, party brunch. Complete with shot girls, exotic dancers, a DJ, and sparklers in champagne bottles.
  15. Brunch is always insta-worthy. #basic.
  16. You have a list of places you want to try saved in your phone.
  17. Brunch is where you b*tch about all the things that have gone wrong that week.
  18. And where you judge everyone who wasn’t deemed important enough to come to brunch.
  19. Brunch is the classy way to day drink.
  20. Brunch doesn’t judge.
  21. Brunch is kind.
  22. Brunch is everything.