23 Basic Bitch Phrases You Need to Stop Saying Right Now

Most common among Tumblr users and Starbucks enthusiasts, the basic bitch language is used to express complete exasperation or over-the-top excitement. Girls talk like this to convey their emotions in the fewest words possible and to emphasize their utter inability to just not even right now. Yes, it sounds cute and funny when you’re talking with your friends, but in reality it just sounds silly and, well, basic.

Here are the top 23 basic bitch phrases you need to stop using:

1. I can’t even.

2. Stop, just stop.

3. I’m so done.

4. Literally.

5. I just.

6. I can’t.

7. But actually.

8. Can you not.

9. Can we just?

10. But actually tho.

11. I mean really.

12. Honestly.

13. For reals.

14. alskdfj lkasdfj

15. What is life.

16. What is air?

17. I’m dying.

18. I’m crying.

19. I’m screaming.

20. Sames.

21. Totes.

22. How have you not.

23. Get out.