23 Things Only Grunge Girls Would Understand

If you were born in the mid or late 80’s and have older siblings, you probably grew up listening to bands like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam. Chances are you are still a grunge girl (or only at heart), if you can relate to these: 

1. You never cut your hair. Well…only your ends, but you like having a mane. 

2. You used to (or still do) wear your hair like you just woke up. Unbrushed, unwashed-ready to go. 

3. Thrift stores are your kind of department store. Macy’s who?

4. You still have the first Nirvana album. And all the others that followed. 

5. Kurt Cobain is your spirit animal. You can relate with him on so many different levels, except the drug abuse.

6. You have plaid flannels in every color, sometimes double. 

7. You only own Levis Jeans. Which are all ripped.

8. Your clothes have a musky smell to them. Like they were in the basement or attic for too long. 

9. You only wear Doc Martens and Chucks. Are there other shoes to wear? 

10. You know how to play “Come As Your Are” on the guitar, and you taught yourself.

11. You take showers only every other day. 

12. You want to look like a heroin addict, without being one. 

13. You wear your grandfather’s cardigan or wool sweater and think it’s totally fashionable.

14. You are a chain smoker, but not in front of others. 

15. You believe Courtney Love killed your icon; Kurt Cobain.

16. You don’t really care about your appearance, or you try hard enough not to look like you care. 

17. You hate the government, yet you are too apathetic to fight it. 

18. You are the only one understanding the deepness in Nirvana’s lyrics. 

19. You live in Seattle, Washington

20. You wanted to move to Seattle, Washington.

21. You are an introvert. Just you and grunge music.

22. You like to be isolated. 

23. You have social anxiety. Or you just hate people.