26 Times We Can't Fully Commit to Getting Our Shit Together

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It’s easy to feel like you’re falling behind in your 20’s. After all, you’re an adult now – you should be figuring out what a 401k is, not waking up in last night’s makeup again.

Overwhelming as they may be, you should embrace the struggles of your 20’s. As you get older, you’ll realize you were actually benefiting from all of these little disasters.

  1. Watching a whole series on Netflix in one day.
  2. Spending all your money on restaurants even though you have groceries at home.
  3. Never taking the time to make your bed.
  4. Eating leftover pizza for breakfast. 
  5. Struggling to get out of bed in the morning and make it to work or class on time.
  6. Not getting enough sleep because there’s always something more fun to do.
  7. Not having your whole life together. You’ll figure it out in your own time and very few of the people who have solid plans will actually end up sticking to them.
  8. Drinking a whole bottle of wine in one sitting.
  9. Taking a day off from all of your responsibilities. Mental health days are so important.
  10. Not texting people back until you feel up to it.
  11. Not filling up your gas tank until you’ve reached empty.
  12. Complaining about random stuff just to vent.
  13. Not doing your assignment until the day it’s due.
  14. Drinking too much coffee. Every. Single. Day.
  15. Not cleaning your room.
  16. Taking a power nap instead of being productive.
  17. Cutting out people in your life who no longer make you happy.
  18. Not eating clean enough and indulging in junk food.
  19. Lounging around instead of going to the gym.
  20. Drinking a lot more margaritas than you should have on Taco Tuesday.
  21. Being too tired to go out to the bars with your friends.
  22. Not wanting to fully commit to the adulthood lifestyle.
  23. Ignoring all the pressure to settle down with your significant other. You’ll know when you’re ready.
  24. Realizing you’d rather stay in than communicate with other humans.
  25. Not doing your laundry until you’ve run out of underwear.
  26. Recognizing that your 20s are the best years of your life and all you want to do is enjoy them.

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