27 Inevitable Things That Happen When You Have a Flirty Personality

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No matter where you go, you always end up getting yourself into a little bit of trouble. As soon as you’re a little friendly with a dude, it only takes about five seconds for him to take it the wrong way.

At every party, there’s some girl that comes up to you and tries to start something because you were “flirting with her man.” All you can do is roll your eyes and laugh. As if you’d go for him, he’s not even that cute anyway.

Life is hard when you’re an unintentional flirt. You can’t help it…you’re just being you. You’re not trying to lead anyone on…. 

  1. Things like biting and licking your lips or rubbing your neck are just habits of yours.

  2. But to everyone else, it’s a tease.

  3. You can’t smile at someone without them thinking that it’s some kind of invitation.

  4. Which is why you sometimes find yourself in front of the mirror….

  5. Trying to master the resting bitch face.

  6. You’re overly friendly…

  7. So you love wrapping everyone in a tight hug when you see them.

  8. Usually, it makes them think you’re crushing hard.

  9. So that awkward speech where you tell them that you’re not that into them?

  10. You pretty much have it memorized by now.

  11. You’re prone to making “that’s what she said” comments…

  12. All the time.

  13. And almost everything you say seems to read as a sexual innuendo.

  14. You’ve had your bestie’s boyfriend grow suspicious of you…

  15. Because they actually think you’re trying to steal them away. 

  16. And when they try to air you out to your bestie.

  17. She just ends up hysterically laughing about it. 

  18. After all, she knows you.

  19. Your girl friends think any eye contact you make is a sign of flirtation.

  20. Like when you’re at the club and you happen to look at someone.

  21. “Omg, you like him! Go for it girl!”

  22. Only your BFF knows the difference between “flirtatious” you and “friendly beyond belief” you. 

  23. When you do flirt though…

  24. No one gets the message.

  25. Mainly because your actual flirting skills…

  26. Don’t match up with your unintentional flirting skills.

  27. And it drives you completely crazy.

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