27 Reasons Why Babysitting is the Best Job You Will Ever Have

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Babysitting is one of the most rewarding jobs out there. It’s a great way to make way more than minimum wage (and it’s tax free), while playing with children for a few hours. I mean, you literally get paid to play with children, put them to bed, and watch TV. That’s a much better deal than slaving away in the unforgiving restaurant business, or restocking shelves at your school’s bookstore. Even after college, babysitting on the weekends is an awesome way to make some extra cash and pretend to be five-years-old again.

Of course it’s not all fun and games—you actually have to be “the adult” when you’re watching someone else’s child. But babysitting teaches you to be responsible, caring, and gives you a taste of being a parent for a few hours. Here are 27 reasons why babysitting will be the best job you ever have:

1. You get paid to be a kid again.

$15 an hour to watch Power Rangers and play Monopoly? Sign me up.

2. It’s the only socially acceptable time when you can play with toys and games.

Sitting on your bedroom floor playing with Barbies at age 20 is not okay. With a child present? Totally fine.

3. It forces you to be creative and resourceful.

You get really good at making up games on the spot, before the kids even get a chance to say they’re bored. And so begins the hide-n-seek-Tv-tag-fairy-princess adventure game.

4. You perfect your negotiating skills.

The kids refuse to eat their dinners, so you convince them to eat 4 more -real- bites of broccoli to have cookies for dessert.

5. You get to teach children and watch them grow.

You give a child answers to why you can’t drink the pool water, and teach them how to swim in the deep end.

6. You get to go on awesome adventures.

Kids have an insatiable desire to explore, so trips to the park start to feel like a wild Indiana Jones expedition into the jungle.

7. You get really good at making snacks.

Your purse is literally filled with Oreos and baby carrots.

8. You’re always armed with snacks, toys, and wipes.

Babysitting makes you prepared for the mini-emergencies life throws at you.

9. Children teach you to appreciate the simple beauty of life.

That deranged pink and purple self-portrait of your child somehow seems really sweet.

10. You learn to be less serious and become more carefree.

Kids don’t give a f*ck, but in the sense that nothing in life really brings them down. Except maybe when the ice cream truck is out of SpongeBob ice pops. That’s an actual disaster.

11. Your parenting skills are on fleek.

Welcome to the world of being a responsible adult. You can sternly but fairly discipline a child without even flinching.

12. But you also know how to be the fun aunt.

You’re not the parent anyway, so you get to give the kids soda and let them stay up a little late just for fun.

13. You become really, really responsible.

House is locked? Check. Seatbelts on? Check. Extra food/emergency candy/tissue supply and peanut allergy medication? Check and done.

14. You see the fun side of life in everything you do.

Taking the kids on errands is much more fun when you’re pretending that the lines on the sidewalk are hot lava.

15. You put your insane snapchat faces to good use.

The kids are crying? You contort your face into the silliest/strangest/weirdest expressions possible to turn the crying into fits of laughter.

16. You become an incredibly creative and imaginative person.

When your kid asks you to make up a bedtime story, you can concoct the most outrageous and hilarious fairytale on the spot.

17. You can unapologetically watch all of your favorite childhood TV shows again.

We both know you secretly love binging on Authur again.

18. And you can jam out to Fruit Salad by the Wiggles, or the theme song to Dragon Tales with a pass.

Those songs are going to be perpetually stuck in your head, but you really don’t mind.

19. Running around playing tag is your workout.

Kids are like puppies, they never ever want to stop. They will keep asking to be pushed on the swings or chased around the backyard for hours. So babysitting is like built in cardio, win-win.

20. And you have a six-pack from laughing so hard.

The things kids say will never cease to entertain. Mixing up the meanings of words or commenting on how the waitress’s make up makes her look like a clown will keep you giggling all day.

21. You get to play on the playground again.

Now that you’re adult you dominate at Monkey on the Ground.

22. You can detect a lie like no one else.

“But Mommy says it’s okay for me to eat McDonald’s for lunch,” does not fly with you, no matter how convincing and innocent it sounds.

23. You get really good at putting things back exactly as they were…

* cough * …when you munch on the family’s snacks so they don’t know you took their food.

24. You get to beat little kids at games you never won when you were a child.

Finally winning at Mario Kart never felt so good. You don’t even care that your competition is 10+ years younger than you. You still won.

25. You see the fun in loosing.

There’s nothing like seeing the pure joy when you let a little kid win.

26. You get to read bedtime stories about magical lands and fantastic adventures.

Revisiting those awesome Magic Treehouse books brings back so many memories. And now you finally get to find out how it ends.

27. You’ve never appreciated a glass of wine more in your life than after a few hours with children.

After those few hours entertaining a mini person, sitting down in peace and quiet never felt so good.

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