30 Basic Things Every College Girl Does

Your 20’s are when you truly become your own person.  But there are some things that no matter who you are, you just can’t help doing:

  1. Cringing when you have to check your bank statement, especially after a night out

  2. Going crazy when music from your childhood comes on at a party

  3. Hitting ‘Next Episode’ on Netflix, at 2 a.m, when you said you’d watch just one episode

  4. Promising that you’ll have a productive day tomorrow…you even make an hourly schedule

  5. And you set your alarm to get up early…but then hit snooze at least three times

  6. Starting your diet tomorrow

  7. Making pacts with your roomies not to order drunk food anymore…and then breaking it that same night

  8. Immediately going to Facebook when someone doesn’t know who you are talking about

  9. Creeping on someone’s Facebook that you know of, but have never met

  10. Laughing at old emails, text, and Facebook messages even when you were completely serious at the time

  11. Following a fitness, nutrition or model’s Instagram as motivation

  12. Reading endless articles about relationships even though you’re not in one

  13. Wearing gym clothes instead of real clothes, even though the gym is not on your agenda today

  14. Spending more time telling your friends how much work you have than you do doing the work

  15. Going on Youtube for one video and then realizing you’ve been watching videos for an hour

  16. Eating healthy the entire day and then midnight binging

  17. Drunk snapchatting

  18. Complaining about how dead your hair is and then missing it the second you cut it

  19. Finding nothing to wear in your closet filled with clothes

  20. Having way too high of standards for every college break…hence the over packing

  21. Promising that you’re so done with your relationship, even though you and everyone AND their mother know this is the umph-teenth time you’ve said this

  22. Laughing at the same episode of Friends for the 100th time

  23. Always losing a friend at the bar no matter how hard you try not to, which leads to group chats of where everyone is and to come and find them

  24. Questioning why anyone would make that a Snapchat story

  25. Getting addicted to a show and losing sight of all other priorities

  26. Waking up at the crack of dawn, after a night out, and gasping for water

  27. Thinking you can do homework from your bed but then just taking your daily nap

  28. Checking with your friends how an email to a professor or a text to your ex sounds

  29. Bringing basically your entire closet to school but wearing less than half of your things

  30. Creating a strong dependency on coffee

Please share of any of these sound familiar!