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31 Reasons to Wear Pink In October

October is thirty one days of halloween, fall leaves, candy, and breast cancer awareness. On this month we raise awareness by taking a stand against breast cancer by walking, donating, and simply repping pink. So every day this month, all thirty one, we should show our stand against cancer by remembering these reasons.

About one in every 8 women will develop breast cancer. That is a whole 12.4% of all women. ALL WOMEN.

Breast cancer is the third most diagnosed cancer among women.

Women, boys, girls, transgender, and men all look amaze in pink. It’s the new black you know.

Wear pink so women and men stop smoking.

Rock some magenta to warm women and men that obesity can lead to breast cancer cells in the breast.

Instead of chugging down a glass of vodka or rum, rock your pink water bottle to raise awareness that heavy drinking is a factor in breast cancer.

Breast cancer can be significantly reduced if spotted early on, usually in your early to mid twenties. Awareness can save a life.

Breast cancer can be fully reduced and taken care of in women that spot the cells in early stages.

Wear it for Christina Applegate. 

Wear it for Giuliana Rancic. Wearing pink would never be on, “Fashion Police.”

And don’t forget our girl Sheryl Crow.

The color pink was officially adopted by the American Cancer Society as a color for Breast Cancer Awareness.

The National Football League, or the NFL has also become a sponsor of the American Cancer Society by wearing pink socks, bands, and some teams have even donned pink shoes.

O’Dell Beckham looks even hotter when he’s in pink, and you will too! Maybe even make your man wear some of this neon color.

Pink makes a man look ten times more masculine, aka Scott Disick.

You are significantly more likely to get breast cancer if a women in your direct family has it, like mom or grandma. Wear that pink for your fam!

Wear it for your friends’ families too. All women are on one team here ladies.

Planned Parenthood is the top provider of mammograms. Wear pink to show that you oppose Planned Parenthood being defunded.

Instead of wearing a cat costume inevitably, wear all pink. Creative and supportive.

You don’t need to wear an all pink, neon jumpsuit. You can even just carry around a pink water bottle.

Pink shoelaces.

Even pink lipstick. Very chic.

Even though we commonly see women with breast cancer, this cancer can also affect men.

Wear the pink for your hubby, bae, friend, boyfriend, or dad.

Theres more awareness by wearing something pink, than donating five dollars. Rep it.

Wear pink for your mother.

And wear pink for your grandmother.

Wear pink for your daughter or future daughter.

And Wear pink for you.

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