40 Instagram Pictures to Take That AREN'T Selfies

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We get it—you love your face! But perhaps you’re getting a little tired of taking Instagram selfies in the Target bathroom or showing off your basic outfit on your way to class.

If you don’t want to be lumped into the rest of the selfie-loving Instagram photogs, no worries. Here are some Instagram picture ideas that skip the selfies.

  1. Your pet with it’s cutest face. Think Puss in Boots from Shrek.

  2. Your pet at its most ridiculous. Time to shame the heck out of that puppy!

  3. Whatever made you happy that day, à la #100HappyDays.

  4. Your favorite thing at work. Espresso machine, anyone?

  5. Your least favorite thing at work. You want to murder that printer, don’t you?

  6. The sign of the bar you’re in. Use it as a beacon so all your friends know where the party’s at.

  7. Your finished manuscript. After all, that novel didn’t write itself.

  8. The super small crowd at your poetry reading. Time to guilt trip your friends into coming to the next one.

  9. Your embarrassing moment. It should make you feel better.

  10. A week of #nofilter. Who needs lo-fi anyway, right?

  11. Whatever is making you frustrated. Pictures of textbooks and dirty dishes are totally acceptable.

  12. Your toes in the sand.

  13. Your new project. If everyone knows you started knitting, you can damn well bet they’ll pester you to finish.

  14. Your medals and trophies. Who says you can’t boast a little? It’s what Instagram is for, right?

  15. Your birthday cake, candles and all.

  16. Celebrity spottings. Better yet, try to get a picture with that celebrity. Just don’t bug him while he’s out to dinner!

  17. Reflections in a puddle. You’re trying to be artsy, right? Mission accomplished.

  18. The footies of your onesie. You splurged for a onesie with footies, right?

  19. A decision-maker picture. If you can’t decide between two things (shoes, purses, cell phones), snap both and let your followers decide.

  20. Your favorite charity. Instagram can be used for good, too.

  21. Seasonal favorites by following an Instagram photo challenge.

  22. Something you created with your own bare hands, even if it’s just a doodle of a cat wearing a top hat.

  23. Your best friends. They deserve some face-time, too.

  24. Wrapped presents during the holidays. Ask your friends, family and followers to try to guess what’s inside.

  25. A series of your favorite color in action. Take a picture of every pink thing that catches your eye.

  26. The person you most admire. (Remember, this isn’t supposed to be a selfie, guys, even if you admire the shit out of yourselves.)

  27. Your footprints in the snow.

  28. Each book as you finish reading it. Done with a book? Snap a shot. It might even get you to read more!

  29. The sunset. Why not?

  30. The sunrise. If you’re awake for it, that’s reason enough to celebrate.

  31. Your childhood bedroom, in all its embarrassing glory. Don’t crop out the JTT poster!

  32. A fingerpainting before it dries. You’re never too old to get your hands dirty.

  33. The first wild animal you see when you step out the door. Odds are, it’s probably a bird.

  34. The hot, wavy air rising from a barbecue. Ahh, grilling season.

  35. The kinds of lunches you ate as a kid. Go ahead and eat a Lunchable and Fruit Roll-Up as an adult. Does it have the same allure?

  36. Your friend’s new band. Maybe they’ll make it big and they can thank your efforts on their Wikipedia page.

  37. The scale when you hit your goal weight. Reaching goals for the win!

  38. Your favorite motivational quote. You get extra hipster points if you put it over a picture of the beach.

  39. An abstract picture of a tree. Lay down right next to the trunk and point your phone’s camera straight up.

  40. Your winning score, whether it’s a perfect game at the bowling alley or a tight and stressful game of Scrabble. Take a picture of the score and boast the hell out of it.

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