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5 Chic Accessories Perfect To Elevate Your Summer Outfit

With scorching hot weather comes the abundance of perfect summer outfit choices. From the stunning beach day ensemble and light sleeveless dress to classical white linen shorts paired with a gorgeous necklace that make you look posh and sophisticated. Breaking the casual look while sipping cocktails on the beach may seem hard to achieve, but an elegant lady must ensure that her outlook is on-point every time she steps out of the house. And the most stylish way to do so is with accessories.

Choosing the perfect bag, shoes, and sunglasses to elevate your summer outfit might be challenging without having the right inspiration. Thankfully, here is the dazzling list with fresh and innovative accessory ideas to get you covered this summer.

1. Choose “out of this world” shoes

When it comes to summer footwear, almost any color may blend with your favorite cotton dress. However, one color that has conquered numerous fashion runways is the timid purple. Thing purple sandals, sneakers and heels. What is more, if you are up for something even more daring and chic, sculptural heels have also become a favorite option for passionate fashion lovers. Besides the color, wearing artistic and trendy heels with sleek cylinders or crazy twisted may sound too futuristic, but these unexpected details on the shoes will make you look seriously stylish.

On the other hand, if you are not a big fan of high-heels during hot summer weather, go for daring and multi-colored sneakers. Comfortable yet chic, fitted to super-sized, sneakers can make an exciting summer accessory if you opt for the metallic color and out-of-this-world design.

2. Embrace subtle jewelry

If you are looking for a statement piece this summer, then you should go for jewelry that will blend with your unique character while rocking the summer outfit. Think something like wearing a striped red and white skirt with a denim tee and delicate gold necklace. Or you can find modern silver hoop earrings to pair up with stylish airy navy shirtdress.

When you desire to express your designated style with mix prints like leopard or zebra skin, always make sure that you go for little sparkle when it comes to jewelry. For that reason, you can wear minimalist hoop earrings with any summer outfit and look ravishing and refreshing. Embrace the simplicity and elegance of subtle jewelry by putting together a perfect combination of silver earrings or necklace with a variety of colorful patterns and prints this summer.

3. Master the summer look with a belt bag

Carrying heavy and bulky bags isn’t still a thing of the past, that look is just put aside for this fabulous season. In order to make your summer look pop out, wearing a small but chic leather bum bag is the way to go. Belt bags are an absolute hit these days, plus they are extremely practical. In warm summer nights nothings mixes up better than a little black dress and a cheetah print rectangle-shaped waist belt bag.

Another absolutely astonishing all-in-one summer look is a casual jumpsuit with a neon yellow belt bag. Wearing outfits in bright yellow hues that bring on the sunshine and matching them with black leather belt bag with small silvery detail will undoubtedly elevate your summer look.

4. Top up the summer outfit with trendy eyewear

Sunglasses have gone through innumerable evolutionary phases. From wayfarers and super tiny shades to fancy 1970s Bifocals and stylish tinted aviators. For the 2019 summer sunglass season get ready to elevate your entire summer look with an assortment of mesmerizing angular frames. Basically instead of usual round and oval style, this summer we are going to shield our eyes with glasses that have straight edges, defined corners, and top-notch appearance.

There is an abundance of shapes like triangles, rectangles, hexagons, and diamonds. Lenses come in colors like navy and amber. And the best part is that you don’t need to wear a checked-patterned shirt in order to blend the look with this sunglass.

5. Implement a chic hat-wearing habit

Hats are not only a thing for the cold and rainy days. They represent an extremely beautiful way to shield you from the harmful sun rays when you are out for a walk or sunbathing on the beach. The bucket-hat is an all-time summer favorite, and this season they come in a range of interesting tie-dye colors enabling you to wear an elegant white cotton dress and rock off the look. Next, straw sun-hats are another great way to elevate your summer outfit. You can wear straw sun-hats with almost anything you desire.

Besides bucket-hats, the streets of Paris were overwhelmed this summer with baker boy hats that have added a chic touch to a variety of outfits. Shape, color and fabric are classical in style, but baker boy hats are a must item in your wardrobe.

Summer is all about having fun and looking drop-dead gorgeous. All it takes is implementing creative and unique accessories with outfits that you feel best in, and you are ready to go.


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