5 Must-Have Wardrobe Staples for the Fall Season

Since the last couple of weeks, cold winds have started to blow as soon as the sunsets.

School has started for many, the smell of pumpkin spice latte lingers in the air, and the leaves have begun to change color – obtaining beautiful warm hues of yellows, oranges, reds, and browns.

All of these are definite signs that our favorite time of the year yet again – the time to update our wardrobes and try out the cute, snug outfits that we have been saving for fall all through last year.

Autumn- that time of the year…

Autumn brings with itself many things. But the one thing that we love the most about this season is the super chic trends that come with it.

We would certainly be lying if we said we were not waiting for sweater weather to whip out the sexy leather jacket that we got off the clearance sale at the start of spring!

Timeless clothing that adapts to complement any outfit

Though fashion is usually inconsistent, some unique pieces will never go out of style.

These trendy garments are so versatile and adaptable with every outfit that they have stood the test of time for decades – witnessing the forever changing fads of the rag trade and still fitting in. For example, there are quite a few jacket styles that make sense to wear as well as keep looking you fresh the entire year around.

Whether it is as casual as a graphic t-shirt that you wear them with or as extra as a flowy maxi dress, these timeless classics will never let you down.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some of these investment pieces that you can wear year upon year as soon as the wind starts to get a little chilly. Read on to get a little fashion inspo towards styling your outfit around these few fall essentials to create a new, bomb look every time you wear them.

1.   Try on an oversized blazer for a casual chic look

As the temperature starts to drop, nature signals us to start layering up.

Wearing a complementing layer over your shirt is one of the most significant ways you can add character and personality to an otherwise basic outfit, while also protecting yourself against the cold. And when you have got a relaxed, oversized blazer to do the job, what is not to love?

A boxy blazer gives you a silhouette that makes you stand out in a crowd. Accentuating your look to a whole new level, this popular choice of outerwear is best paired with blinding white straight-cut pants and a plain t-shirt.

2.   Whip out the chunky wool sweater that your grandma hand knitted for your birthday

Hand-knit woolen sweaters are our favorite thing to wear all through fall and winter. Keeping you cozily comfortable, these chunky beauties also have a lot of potentials when it comes to making a casual ensemble extra swanky.

So, make grandma proud and choose the oversized sweater she made, especially for you. Holding pure love in each of its knots, the chunky wool sweater goes exceptionally well over a mini dress – making sure you do not freeze to death while making a fashion statement.

3.   Put your best foot forward, wearing stylish and warm woolen sneakers

The next item that you should buy this season – if you do not have a pair in your wardrobe already – are some warm woolen sneakers. Super trendy and extremely durable, we are sure a pair of dark blue wool sneakers will last you for quite a few years to come.

These warm treats will go with anything at all, making them the ultimate wardrobe necessity for the colder months. Wear them with your worn-out jeans or with a dress – these beauties will make sure that you are on top of your fashion game at all times.

4.   Flaunt your feminine side by sporting a flowy, dressy skirt

If you are sad to see the warm weather leave because it means you cannot wear cute little sundresses anymore, you do not need to despair anymore.

Even as the summer takes away the excitement of short dresses, the winter replaces it with the grace and elegance of midi skirts.

The cold weather does not mean that you must wear thick trousers or denim pants every single day.

Switch up your look with a flirty midi skirt to flaunt your feminine side and bring out the fabulous fashionista inside you. Pair a statement skirt with a warm-toned sweater, and you are all set to rule the runway.

5.   A motorcycle leather jacket will instantly transform you into a badass babe

When you are transitioning from the hot summers to chilly autumn, you need to make some changes in your jacket style to make sure it suits the weather. This means replacing your light, denim jacket with outerwear that offers a higher degree of protection against the bitter cold.

Our favorite way to make this practical switch is by bringing a rocker chic motorcycle leather jacket into the picture.

It is no secret that motorcycle leather jackets have been in style for more than 100 years now, and they do not seem to be leaving the fashion scene anytime soon either. This style of leather jacket can instantly take you from one to a hundred on the badass scale. Wear your most flattering pair of skinny jeans and a basic white top to bring out the edginess of this particular all-time favorite.

Know your essentials!

If you have got these timeless beauties tucked deep into your closet, it is time to whip them out for the season. These essential pieces can be worn year after year without growing old, proving to be an excellent investment when it comes to fast fashion. So stock up on the above wardrobe staples and save yourself the money and the effort of shopping for new clothes every time sweater weather rolls around.

The final word

How many of these fashion essentials do you already own? How many do you plan to buy this fall? What is your favorite way to style your Autumn specials that make them stand out? Comment down below and let us know!


About Ashley Rosa:

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