8 Movie Genres That Describe Your Personality

Whoever told us that we are all snowflakes is wrong. We’re not snowflakes. We are walking movie genres: 

1. Romance.

You are a serial monogamist or frequent dater. You’re often bumping into guys in the most romantic way (like, in real life), and your friends can’t believe the stories you have to tell. 

Your relationships are a whirlwind of intense, meaningful moments that touch your heart, and your breakups are earth-shatteringly sad. You’ve also done the star-crossed lovers thing more than once. You have three engagement ring boards on Pinterest.

2. Comedy.

If you’re always looking for the next punch line to whatever is being said or done, you might fit this genre perfectly. You laugh when other people would normally cry, or freak out. 

You’re constantly speaking in puns, and you’re That Friend who sends a plethora of hilarious videos, memes and GIFs. You just don’t know how anyone used to communicate without them.

3. Fantasy. 

You’re kind of the master of magical thinking, and you’re always trying to prove something that other people just don’t believe in exists. You talk about Karma, Bigfoot, The Law of Attraction, and lots of things with the confidence of someone who knows.

 You’re pretty sure Harry Potter wasn’t entirely fictional, and that someday we’ll unlock powers of our own.

4. Drama. 

Your life feels heavy and sentimental a lot of the time. The things people say carry a lot of weight with you, and you find yourself overthinking everything, all the time. 

It seems there’s an endless series of twists and turns from one day to the next, and it’s hard to recover from the emotional fallout before there’s yet another thing to deal with.

5. Satire.

There are endless opportunities for you to make fun of things in your head. You embody sarcasm, you use it so often. You often just look at other people and they know you’re silently mocking them. 

You are an expert at pointing out hypocrisy and contradictory actions. You’re also a master of language, and it really frustrates you when somebody else can’t keep up with your quick wit.

6. Mystery/Thriller. 

There are so many questions in your life that have gone unanswered, seemingly from the day you were born. You’re a seeker of truth, and you’re always trying to solve the big mysteries in life. 

You may be especially interested in psychology or criminal justice, because you are more curious about people than anything else.

7. Action/Adventure. 

If it can cause an adrenaline rush, you’re up for it. Car racing, rock climbing, skydiving – you are a badass and you know it. You will drop everything to travel across the globe just because you feel like it. 

You’re also the member of your group who is always making friends with random people when you’re out because you feel everyone has some crazy story to tell.

8. Horror. 

You are a creeper through and through. You have a borderline obsession with death and everything associated with it. 

You may or may not be low key goth when it comes to style, and you’ve always wanted to be on one of those ghost hunter teams that travel the country. 

You’re also a critic of all things horror and feel that the majority of movies and books out there in this genre aren’t anywhere near scary enough.

No matter what genre you fit, one thing’s for sure: Your friends always have fun watching.