8 Reasons the Friend with the Big Personality Is the Best Friend You’ll Ever Have

They’re brash and in your face. They’ve got something to say. While not everybody’s cup of tea, though, this friend’s got your back for life.

1. People with big personalities don’t hide.

Their personality is big for a reason – it’s bold, it’s beautiful, and most of all, it’s out there. They don’t believe in censoring themselves. What’s the point of being alive otherwise?

2. They don’t care what others think.

If someone’s got a big personality, they’re probably pretty confident in who they are, which means that they know not everyone has to like them. And with big personalities, it’s often a love/hate thing. They probably have their set of fans and, well, not-so-fans.

3. A friend with a big personality has your best interests at heart.

If someone with a big personality cares about you, you’ll know it, because they show it with their every being. If you’re asking them for advice, they’ll be loud and brash about it. But only because they can’t stand to see you hurt or upset in any way.

4. They’re the life of the party.

Big personalities are usually the center of attention. You can spot them in the middle of the dance floor. Or on stage, performing for an audience, making people laugh or cry. But remember: they’re not afraid of sharing the spotlight with you, either. They want to see you succeed just as much.

5. Big personalities live life to the fullest.

Big personalities  wants to carpe the shit out of that diem. Because they wake up with the knowledge that every new day is a new possibility for something crazy and exciting to happen. They’re on the constant lookout for fun things you guys can do together. So don’t expect to find them wasting away in their rooms when it’s nice weather out.

6. They’re often creative souls.

People with big personalities have an incessant drive to make an impact on the world. This often means that they express themselves through other creative means, like writing, painting, or music, or any other outlet they can find.

7. You don’t have to play down your quirks around them.

In fact, your quirks are what they love you for. They’re the ones who make you feel completely comfortable with being the weirdest version of yourself.

8. They value true friendship above all else.

Big personalities can be complicated creatures. They can have a very public persona on one hand, and then there are also sides of themselves they only let out around their real friends. At the end of the day, it’s true friendship that the big personality will always come back to.