An Open Letter to the Man Who Can't Find the Clitoris

To whom it may concern:

It has come to my attention that you’re unable to find the g-spot on the outside of my body. The clitoris is without a doubt “nature’s Rubik’s cube,” but it’s not trying to hide from you. I’m not asking you to play Canon in D on the piano, dig for buried treasure, or thread a needle—I simply need you to navigate my pleasure center.

While your bait and tackle are a little simpler than mine (for the most part), it still takes effort to handle everything down there, and I expect the same TLC for my lady bits.

You may become frustrated if you don’t find it at the first or second try, but as long as the effort is there and consistent, I will give you my best patience.

And, please, don’t be offended if I try to guide you. Doing this correctly early on will save us both from multiple cases of trial and error—and me from a sore clitoris.

It may come in different shapes and sizes on different people, but I promise you that it’s generally in the same spot. Wild, I know!

Even crazier—there are anatomical diagrams that will also lead you in the right direction. Don’t be embarrassed to pick up an issue of Cosmopolitan or draw some pictures. The thought alone will be greatly appreciated in the end.

And when you do stumble up its exact coordinates, you’ll know.



Vaginas everywhere