Back Pain? Simple Adjustments to Get Your Back On Track

Getting Your Back On Track

Are you suffering from back pain? Did you know that 50% of all working Americans complain of back pain symptoms every year? Back Pain is the sole reason for 264 million lost work days in a year. These statistics showcase the increasing menace of back pain. What supposedly starts as a minor irritant doesn’t take long to culminate into a full-blown condition that may need expert medical intervention.

What can you do about back pain?

Most cases of back pains are minor or one-off cases. However, if you suffer from the issue over a prolonged duration, then it is cause for rethinking your lifestyle. Yes, many of us can overcome back pain issues with simple adjustments to our lifestyle. Habits like good posturing or proper food intake can go a long way in minimizing the impact of chronic back pain.

Interested in checking out some great ways to adjust lifestyle and protect your back? Then this post will be helpful. We cover some of the lifestyle adjustments you can bring about so that your back serves you well and remains free from sprains and pain.

1 – Maintain the right posture

We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of a good position to ensure a healthy back. Your spine is stable when you practice a healthy posture. But when you stoop or slouch, you put undue pressure on the back muscles and ligaments to keep your balance going. This fact is why poor posture is correlated with back issues. 

For those in desk jobs slumped in front of the laptop for 8-10 hours a day, it is essential to maintain the correct posture. Keep a pillow or roll a towel between the lower back and chair. Position your feet in a flat position on the floor to keep a balanced stance.

2 – Pain relievers

Some people may need prescriptions for pain relief. This medication can be an ideal way for many people who need NSAIDs or opioids to cope with back pain. Do not go for over the counter medications and consult with your physician before taking medicine for backaches. 

If You’d rather skip the oral medication, consider getting a massage ball. Massage roller balls offer relief from body pains after a long day of strenuous physical activities. There are different ways to use them. They can be used for the back, thigh or buttocks. Just don’t use them directly on the joints or bones. For more relief, choose a massage ball that has hot and cold therapy versatility.

3 – Physical therapy

You may need a therapist if you face chronic back pain. These experts will let you know the ideal way to stand, sit, or walk. Their practices will focus on reducing back pain and reduce the strain on your back. Such tweaks to the everyday routines also help strengthen your back and boost endurance and flexibility.    

4 – Sleep better

Try one of these three positions when sleeping, to protect your back, and get a good night’s sleep

a. Try sleeping on your side and keep a pillow between your knees. This position will help align the hip, pelvis, and spine. You can also use the same technique, but instead of lying on your side, you can lie on your back

b. Sleep on your stomach with a pillow under the abdomen. It is your choice to use or not use a second pillow under your head

c. Sleep in a curled (fetal) position. This step can be advantageous for cases of herniated discs

5 – Do not resist movement in case of backache

Many people think that resting for a prolonged period will heal the back. However, many experts now prescribe moving about to help relieve the backache. It would help if you did not remain in the bed for more than a day or two. Prolonged confinement to bed can aggravate the issue further instead of reducing the aching back. Workouts like swimming or brisk walking can also help.