Here Are 10 Ways to Make Your Home Workspace More Productive

Working from home can be exciting, but you have to make the most of the time you have at your computer. When you need a more productive workspace, the solution is to make changes. You might change how you do certain things or just rearrange your office in a way that works for you. Here are some ideas to try out.

Set a “No-Knocking” Rule

Recognizing what your distractions are is the first step to eliminating them. One issue you may have working from home is avoiding the distractions that come from others in your household. You can ask your family for some alone time where they don’t disrupt you, but the best course of action may be to set “office hours” — periods of time you must absolutely not be disturbed during your work. If you promise to be done with work at a certain time every night, your household may be more likely to respect the rule.

Have a Separate Office Room

To work alongside the “no-knocking” rule, your office space should be in a separate room, ideally. Working on the kitchen or dining room table will only lead to more distractions if someone else is home simultaneously, as they’ll be walking in and out — and you won’t be able to stop the noise. Also, working in the living room isn’t great for you because it doesn’t support good posture. Having a separate office room will allow you to do all your best work in peace.

Take Breaks

Take a break at work, even if they aren’t automatically built into your schedule. Small breaks can improve your decision-making habits, meaning you’ll be more energized and interactive throughout the day and when you get home. You’ll be able to get your mind off work and let it wander for a few moments.

Allow yourself to be distracted during your breaks. To experience your break fully, it’s not enough just to sit at your desk. You should get up and stretch your legs. You can check your phone or watch part of your favorite show during your break. Making yourself a nutritious snack is a great opportunity to give yourself a break while nourishing yourself properly.

Put Your Phone Away

The best way to up your productivity is to put your phone away. Eliminating all distractions is the best way to increase your productivity. On your breaks, you can stop and look at your phone or walk around your home. When you’re committed to only having your phone out on your breaks, you might be more motivated to get your work done so you can check your phone regularly.

Change Your Lighting

The lighting in your office needs to be optimal. Since sunlight can help stave off symptoms of depression, you must get enough light in your office space to keep you motivated. You can buy lights that mimic the sunlight if you don’t work an average day, but you should always ensure your lighting allows you to work and doesn’t leave you in the dark.

Set Designated “Simple Task” Times

You might be tempted to check your email during one of your more important tasks of the day. Doing things like checking email and instant messages from your team can take up valuable time, so you should specifically set aside time for those simple tasks. They’re great to do right before or after your lunch break when you need that crucial transition time. When you set specific times to check things that aren’t a high priority, you won’t feel so compelled to look at them when you should be doing something else.

Write Your To-Do List Every Morning

The first thing you should do every morning is write your to-do list. Your to-do list will help you set your intentions for the day and show you what to prioritize and focus on to maximize the time you have at work. You’ll always know what to do because you’ll have the next task right before you, maximizing your productivity time.

Declutter Your Desk

You can’t work well in a cluttered space. Make sure your desk is clear of things that don’t need to be there. Even if you aren’t a minimalist, you should see the benefits of keeping a desk with only the necessities. Consider keeping some paper, writing utensils, something you can squeeze or fidget with when stressed, and anything else you may need for the job on your desk. Anything else can go onto shelves or in storage containers.

Add Greenery

Just adding green to your office can lower your stress and help you fight against burnout. Putting plants in your office is a great way to improve your working life. You should choose a plant that doesn’t need much care, like aloe vera, which can be good for skin issues and promote your health in several other ways. Make sure to pick a plant whose care fits your lifestyle.

Change Your Clothes

When all else fails, change your clothes. You may easily slip into comfort when working from home. Working in your pajamas may feel great at first, but it doesn’t work well as a transition between “home life” to “work life.” You might just change into comfortable clothes, but you should always change clothes after you wake up. Doing so simulates getting up and “going” to work — even if you’re just walking from the bedroom to your office.

Make Working From Home Work For You

An office specially designed for you to be productive may look different from the standard office, so you may need to be receptive to changing things up and trying new things out. Over time, you’ll find the perfect balance of good clutter and productivity support. Working from home is nothing new, and if other people have managed it, you can, too. Once you understand how you work best, you can customize your office to suit your needs.

About The Author

Ava Roman (she/her) is the Managing Editor of Revivalist, a women’s lifestyle magazine that empowers women to live their most authentic life. When Ava is not writing you’ll find her in a yoga class, advocating for body positivity, whipping up something delicious in the kitchen, or smashing the patriarchy.