How Scents Can Benefit Your Overall Well-Being

There is no stronger incentive for bringing us to the past than scents. They smell of cookies can take us back to our grandmother’s countryside house, a perfume to our first love, and the smell of coconut on long days spent by the beach. All of those feelings are positive, so it is no wonder how scent can benefit our well-being as well. So, if you want to try a sort of therapy with scents, here is how to do it.

Lavender for better sleep

One of the benefits of a certain smell is that they can relax you after a tough day. The winner in this category is lavender, which has a soothing effect on your body and mind. The smell of lavender reduces stress, agitation, and tension making you feel relaxed and calm. This is why warm baths with lavender oil before bed are what will refresh you and prepare you for the next day. It is a good trick to use for sleep-deprivation before you turn to drugs. Other benefits of lavender are anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and relieving menopause symptoms. So, when you need a bit of help falling asleep, put a bit of dry lavender under your pillow, or on the night stand, and it will do the trick.

Citrus for a boost of energy

If you are ever in need of an energy-boosting scent, or simply something that will make you feel more awake and rested, citrus scents can benefit you. They increase the production of serotonin in your brain, which is a hormone of happiness. This is why, it can cause positive thoughts and evoke memories, which proves the deep connection between scents and emotions. Besides, this is a refreshing and soft smell, so it is no wonder many brands use it for gorgeous women’s perfume, that are perfect to put on in the morning before work. This way, you will feel more motivated and ready for a workday that’s ahead of you.

Peppermint and Eucalyptus for cooling and soothing effect

If you have never tried aromatherapy, you may not know how many benefits peppermint and eucalyptus have. First of all, numerous health benefits like helping with pain, tiredness, stiffness, and tension in your muscles thanks to its cooling effect. And as for the real therapeutic benefits, it has a calming effect, and can also help you wake up easily, and be more focused. A combination of these two makes peppermint/eucalyptus oil perfect for relaxing your whole body, maybe even through a massage oil, and getting you into the operative state again when you move on with your day.

Vanilla for improving your mood

There is no sweeter, and softer smell than vanilla. It makes you feel comfortable, pleasant, and in many cases sensual because of the nice and soft aroma. Lighting vanilla candles in your home can lift your spirits up, making you feel more positive and happier. Another unexpected benefit is that vanilla scents can benefit and suppress cravings, so it is a great way to help your sweet-tooth after a rich meal, for example. Vanilla will make you feel relaxed and in touch with your body, which makes it a perfect scent for a romantic dinner, or a cozy night at home with your loved one. Its also an aphrodisiac

Cinnamon for productivity

We need concentration and focus many times during the day, and aromatherapy can help with that too. Even though cinnamon often reminds us of a homely, cozy atmosphere, especially winter and New Year’s, when all we want to do is sleep and rest, research proves otherwise. Cinnamon can help boost your concentration and productivity, which makes it a perfect scent to use when you need a little nudge during the day. You can take a break and bake some cinnamon cookies, so your whole house will smell good. Cinnamon scents can benefit your memory, so there is more than one reason to either buy a scented candle or light an incense stick.

Aromatherapy can really do wonders for your well-being, reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and irritation, and help you sleep better and be more active and alert. By using these smells daily in your perfumes, scented candles, or essential oils you will notice a mood change which is reason enough to try it.

Article written by Sophia Smith
Sophia is a Beauty & Style blogger, Graphic designer and Style editor at
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