How You Know You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

The twin flame, also called the mirror soul, is one of the most unique types of connections someone can find. Meeting your twin flame is like meeting another part of your soul. This is based on the idea that one soul can be split into two bodies, which makes meeting your twin flame overwhelmingly special and sometimes a little scary.

I’ve met my twin flame. Prior to it, I didn’t really believe in anything more than a relationship soul mate and a friend soul mate. The thought of the same soul in different people seemed a little unrealistic. When I really think about it logically, it still doesn’t really make sense. But, after finding my twin flame, I can say that that kind of connection is 100% real. Here’s how I knew, and how you can know, too.

You’ll feel like you’re home.

This is usually a feeling you develop over time, the more you feel comfortable with the person. But, with your twin flame, you’ll be able to look at them and know that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be in that moment – and that’s with them.

You’ll feel overwhelmingly comfortable.

What would take weeks or even months of “getting-to-know-you’s” is diminished and you’ll find that there’s an instant comfortability that can only be achieved by being connected on a different level. Since you’re part of the same soul, you already know each other, in a way.

You’ll have insane similarities.

My twin flame and I have the same hobbies, personality traits, senses of humor, career goals… We have the same ways of dealing with conflict, trying to understand others, and letting feelings dictate how we live our lives. It’s truly like looking in a mirror.

You’ll complement each other.

Your personalities will go hand-in-hand perfectly. You’ll understand each others’ senses of humor instantly. The way you work through problems and find solutions will help each other immensely since you’re already on the same wavelength.

You’ll keep coming back to each other.

Like two magnets, the connection you have will always bring you back together over and over and over again. Whether it’s for short periods or long lengths, you’ll pop in and out of each others’ lives exactly when you need them. And, the times you are apart, you can rest assured knowing that there’s another part of you out there in the universe, and you’ve found them.

You’ll be able to read each others’ minds and feelings.

Like a supernatural feeling, you’ll be able to look at your twin flame and know exactly what they’re feeling and why – probably because you’re feeling the same thing, too. With other people that aren’t your twin flame, that ability can take a long time. But, with your twin flame, the feeling and understanding are already there.

The whole idea of finding a twin flame doesn’t make sense until it’s happened to you. You may sound crazy to other people when you try to describe it, and that’s understandable. Unless you’ve met your mirror soul or twin flame, it’s impossible to understand. But, if you have found your twin flame, you know what it’s like to meet another part of yourself – the same soul, just in a different person. It’s a little spooky and definitely confusing, but the feeling is unmatched.

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