Jewelry Is Not Just A Girl’s Best Friend

I mean who doesn’t like jewelry!? Not only should you spoil your special lady with it but why not spoil your lovely feline!? Trust me, she will love it too! I recently tried a new cat collar for my cat Gracie from My Lovely Feline!

“Beautiful products designed to change the feline world for the better.”

That’s the direct quote from their website and I can personally say that they in fact are doing just that! Their glacier breakaway cat collar is made out of premium vegan¬†leather so not only is it designer but it’s animal friendly, millions of animals are killed each year for their skin! My lovely feline is a company that is focused on protecting our planet, which is pretty great for a company to pride itself on!

The collar almost replicates the classic and iconic tiffany blue (the irony in that).

The collar is super user-friendly and comes in multiple sizes ranging from small to large. In these three size ranges, you have the ability to adjust the size of it just right for your lovely little furry friend. The collar comes in the cutest little box in a little draw-string pouch as all beautiful jewelry does! There is no wonder as to why this brand was voted for 2021’s people’s choice winning cat collar for best pet product of 2021!

The collar comes to $39.95 plus shipping and handling, which is actually an amazing price considering the fact that it’s all vegan leather, designer, and a breakaway collar. I would highly recommend this collar for your cat.

The one downside I do have to say about the collar is that, yes it is a breakaway collar but if your cat has a history of getting out of the house I would use extreme caution due to the fact that my cat was literally able to take it off of herself. Overall I would have to give this collar a 3.9 out of 5.