Must-Try Strains From Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion introduced their feminized cannabis seeds in the 1990s and brought about a change to the cannabis industry. These seeds were engineered to grow only into female plants, which are the only ones that produce buds that contain THC. As a result, the answer to the best Dutch Passion strains largely depends on personal taste and preference. The list below compiles the best consumer favorite Dutch Passion strains, all available for purchase at Herbies.

1. Orange Bud

Orange Bud is a widely popular Dutch Passion strain introduced in the 1980s. This strain was immediately accepted by cannabis growers as soon as it was introduced due to its high quality and pleasant citrus flavor. In addition, this Dutch Passion strain is bred using superb skunk genetics, making it one of the best choices for all growers of cannabis as it is very stable and has robust growth. This allows even amateur growers to cultivate the strain with an amazing yield.

Orange Buds have densely packed, super-potent buds with remarkable THC levels. The citrus flavor of this strain isn’t the only reason for its name, it also has orange pistils: so it’s a perfect match. Also, the potency and interesting flavor are not the only things that make the strain a hit among growers, the buds of this strain are densely packed, delivering a surplus harvest at all times. For these reasons, Orange Bud feminized seeds have been some of the best-selling cannabis seeds for several years.

Orange Buds effects when smoked can be described as inspirational and cerebral, giving you a shot of vitality and imaginability without knocking you out. The great, zesty citrus flavor only makes the smoking experience better.

2. Euforia

Euforia, just like its name implies, delivers a strong euphoric high to the smoker. It is an incredible Dutch Passion strain that should be constant for growers who enjoy or have clients who enjoy an intense euphoric feeling after smoking cannabis. Besides the euphoric feeling it provides, it is also quite easy to grow, being a skunk variety. The plant also delivers a better yield than a lot of other cannabis strains.

Euforia has a very powerful aroma, so you have to be careful as a farmer to make sure you don’t brush the buds with your clothes. You may also want to invest in a carbon filter. Nevertheless, growing Euforia guarantees a bumper harvest and an unforgettable aroma. You definitely will not regret growing this cannabis strain.

Herbies has a variety of the Euforia strain for growers who want a speedy and uncomplicated harvest. Euforia plants grown from auto Euforia seeds do not rely on the switch in the length of light received by the cannabis to flower. You can plant auto Eudora seeds during any season without the need to regulate the release of light to grow them successfully. This makes them one of the easiest cannabis plants to grow despite the bumper harvest you are bound to reap.

3. Durban Poison

Durban Poison strain from Dutch Passion has been bred to be exceptionally tough and hardy. Durban Poison will grow even in extreme outdoor conditions. Although originally from South Africa, this strain can survive in temperate and tropical regions. Durban Poison is loved by outdoor cannabis growers not only for its resistance against the elements but also for its resistance to pests.

Durban Poison is highly potent and has an exciting aniseed flavor. It also gives stress and anxiety-dissolving high which is incredibly smooth. A few puffs of this strain will leave you feeling relaxed and free of worries. A lot of cannabis growers regard Durban Poison as the best Dutch Passion strain there is.

Growing Durban Poison is exceptionally easy due to its toughness and resilience. It can be grown either outdoors or indoors with excellent results. Durban Poison is a strain that has been around for a long time, and you just can’t go wrong with it.

4. Blueberry

One of the first things one notices about this strain is the beautiful blue shades of its buds. A Sativa-Indica hybrid, Blueberry, is a cross between a juicy fruit and an Afghani landrace strain. Frisian Dew, like Durban Poison, is also an extremely hardy strain, making it great for outdoor growth. Frisian Dew isn’t just popular because of its pleasing aesthetics but also because of its intense high. With its high THC levels, it is an excellent choice for those who want to be zoned out for the rest of the day.

However, Blueberry can be pretty challenging to grow and is not a great choice for beginners. Indoor growth and great care are recommended for Blueberry, and you will not be disappointed as it yields a generous harvest.

5. Strawberry Cough

This strain derives its name from its pleasant strawberry flavor and harsh smoke, which often gives consumers a cough while smoking it. The strain attained celebrity status after it was featured in the movie Children of Men. Strawberry Cough strain is quite potent and gives users an invigorating, talkative, and creative high that can be great for kicking off conversation in a club or getting inspiration for creative work. In addition, it has been reported to be of use for medical purposes in bringing down anxiety levels.

This strain is quite tough and is therefore a good choice for beginners to start with. Despite being predominantly Sativa, the plant has distinct Indica properties such as a short and bushy growth with rough branches and stems. Strawberry Cough does best in warm, sunny climates but can also be grown in greenhouses and even indoors.


All of the Dutch Passion strains listed above and many others are available for purchase on the Herbies website. We offer worldwide shipping, although you are advised to check your local laws before you place your order. You can also choose a stealth shipping option where your package is shipped in discreet packages. You can always reach out to us to get more information as needed.