Safe and Sound – 10 Biggest Reasons Why It Pays to Have Your Own Bodyguard in 2023

There’s a good reason why many high-profile celebrities won’t set foot outside without surrounding themselves with bodyguards first. From eliminating potential threats to providing protection in places swarming with rowdy fans, a bodyguard can be a godsend. If you’re considering hiring one yourself, here are ten of the biggest reasons why it pays to have your own bodyguard in 2023.

They have great communication skills

Effective and confident communication is a must for bodyguards. They need to be able to express themselves eloquently, both verbally and in writing. Not only that, but they need to be great listeners as well. As such, they can make sure they aren’t speaking clumsily, thus avoiding difficult and even dangerous situations.

They possess great judgment skills

Bodyguards know how to think fast and make good decisions. After all, they’re there to protect you and keep you safe and sound at all times. To be able to do that, they need to have a deep understanding of human psychology along with great judgment skills. This allows them to act quickly in critical situations and secure the best possible outcome for you.

They’re great at detecting vulnerabilities

The truth is, many celebrities don’t take adequate measures to protect their home against attackers. This is one of the reasons why personal protective services are used by people in the entertainment industry. A competent bodyguard with good observation skills will walk around the home and identify weak points burglars typically look for. By having someone capable to rely on, a high-profile person can be at peace knowing they are safe and sound.

They help eliminate possible threats and dangers

It might be difficult for an average person to tell what’s on a stranger’s mind. They may have ulterior motives or be an enemy in disguise. When it comes to professional bodyguards, they’re specifically taught how to read people. This allows them to foresee possible dangers and threats ahead of time and deal with them accordingly.

They have crisis training to rely on

While bodyguards do help protect high-profile people’s reputations, their main role is to keep them safe from physical harm. To be able to do that, they need to go through crisis training. Truth be told, we never know when there’s going to be an emergency. With a bodyguard to rely on, you can feel safe knowing they’re equipped for critical situations, whether that involves providing first aid or fire control and prevention.

They’re ideal for deterring potential attackers

It’s no secret that bodyguards spend copious amounts of time working on their physique. Given their visible strength and intimidating look, bodyguards often serve as threat deterrents. Just by having one walk beside you can make you feel safer and even untouchable at times. They may also carry guns, and just spotting one is enough to scare away many potential attackers.

They can handle protective weapons

While protective weapons oftentimes serve to simply ward off potential assailants, sometimes, the situation will call for handling one. The good thing about having a bodyguard is that they’re trained to respond quickly. So even though they may look like they’re carrying guns as a scare tactic, they won’t be afraid to actually use them when crisis strikes.

They possess great self-defense skills

Having a gun to rely on in critical situations is vital. Sometimes, it can be a literal lifesaver. That said, a great security guard will also know how to apply his self-defense skills when there’s a need for them. This is especially true when the situation at hand doesn’t require a weapon. In some cases, they’ll need to rely on their martial art skills – another essential component in their bodyguarding arsenal.

You can use them as your spy

Sometimes, you’ll need to keep a close look on someone or something, but may be unable to do it yourself. In that case, having a bodyguard to rely on can come in quite handy. You can have them inspect a place or assess an object for you, essentially using them as a spy.

…or they can act as your personal assistant

Last but not least, you can always rely on your bodyguard to assist you with particular tasks. Whether that involves writing emails or picking up important calls, they’re always ready to tackle urgent tasks. To do so, they’ll rely on their communication skills, which will allow them to help you out when there’s too much on your plate.

Wrapping up

Hiring private protective personnel is sometimes not only a choice but a necessity. Either way, having one to rely on can be of great help. The sooner you secure proper protection for yourself, the sooner you’ll put your mind at ease.

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