Six Sustainable Self-Care Suggestions For September

When we think of self-care, we often initially believe it is a selfish act. Or we don’t, and then we feel guilty over what we should be doing for other people. Same difference, right? The truth is that everyone needs to take personal accountability for one’s own well-being. No one is ever going to be a better advocate for you than yourself! As we step out of sandal season and into our flat, booties, and closed-toed shoes, let’s take a sustainable approach to caring for ourselves this Fall. Here are six sustainable self-care ideas for September.

Choose Your Beauty Products Wisely

As your skincare routine changes with the seasons, your ethical choices can remain as climate-cool and steady as you are. Choose facial cleansers, serums, and moisturizers that nourish your skin and are made toxin and cruelty-free. We are currently enjoying the hydrating benefits of plant-powered Freegirl Skincare. Their Made Safe (nature meets luxury) line of nutrient-dense, non-toxic formulas offers solutions for acne-prone, mature, oily, and normal to dry skin. Their entire beauty line comes in sustainable, elegant glass bottles.

Self-Care Thyself At Spas That Are Eco-Conscious 

It takes continued thought leadership from exceptional spas that go above and beyond to establish sustainable practices. Green building design, operation, products, and maintenance work together to make a spa sustainable. Not sure if your local spa is curbing its carbon footprint? Locate a Green Spa near you through the Green Spa Network and read about their guidelines and best practices.

Wash Away Anxiety With Eco-Friendly Bath Products

Pacifica Beauty prides itself on providing sustainable beauty. Their shampoos and conditioners are packed full of Vitamin B, shea butter, hemp seed oil, and without any harmful pollutants. And their body wash line contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera, hemp, chamomile, Vitamin C & more.

Make Cold Press Juices At Home

No matter how sustainable the juice packaging may be from your local juicer, making sustainable juices at home is a relatively easy and effective way to ensure you get your greens and give your gut the self-care it needs. Simple ingredients such as celery, ginger, apples, and other seasonal fruits can boost your brain power and get your gut in check. All you need is a home juicer and these recipes to get started. Most juices will last three days in the fridge, so you can add daily juicing to your meal plan.

Choose An Earth Friendly Workout Routine

No excuses! A daily brisk walk, jog, or run connects you with the outdoors and avoids a drive to the gym. A Zoom yoga class or working out with weights and tools already at home can curb your carbon footprint while you pump iron. Hiking can be good for mental and physical well-being, and you can take it a few steps further by “plogging” along the way. Originating from Sweden, plogging involves taking nature walks or hikes and picking up trash as you stroll. 

Get Your Beauty Sleep On Sustainable Sheets

Not only should you get the rest you need, most adults need around seven hours a day of sleep, but you should choose bedding that creates a natural, restful sleep that won’t harm the planet. We are sleeping in on our Pure Parima sheets. Environmentally conscious and smooth as silk, their beautiful bedding is made from pure Egyptian cotton and renewable resources.


Step into your September self-care with less of a carbon footprint. And Fall into a new routine of being sustainably selfless because you and the planet are in this together.