The 3 Main Types of Soul Mates

The romantic soul mate, the friend soul mate, and the twin flame.

There’s a lot of controversy as to if soul mates are real. In my opinion, I believe that they are. But, I also believe that there is more than one kind of soul mate – there are three. Some people believe in more types. But, personally, I think that there are three individuals out there that match you on some sort of elevated level.

1. The Romantic Soul Mate

This type of soul mate is the most commonly thought of – the person who you romantically and emotionally can’t stand to live without. Usually, your attraction to this individual is undeniable and you quickly realize that there’s no one else in the world that will fit you better. You know that whatever you do, you can’t do it without them by your side.

I believe that if you find your romantic soul mate but the timing is wrong, they’ll come back around.

I haven’t met my romantic soul mate, but I know they’re out there. People around me have met and ended up with theirs, and it gives me reassurance to know that they do exist. The person you end up with long-term, maybe raise children with, travel with, live with, experience life with… The person that will always find a way back to you because there’s no one else in the world that makes sense.

2. The Friend Soul Mate

Also called the Companion Soul Mate, this connection is like finding one person in the whole world that understands you and accepts you on a whole other level. This connection is usually strictly platonic. However, elements can be found in a romantic soul mate, as well.

This person has your back no matter what situation and usually knows you better than you know yourself.

The friend soul mate that I have knows me better than anyone, even to the point of knowing how I’m feeling about something before I even realize it, myself. We know the good, bad, and ugly parts of each other and choose to stick around because we know that if we don’t, we’ll never find another friend like each other.

3. The Twin Flame

The twin flame is, in my opinion, the most flustering. When meeting this person, it’s like meeting a part of yourself. The way you interact, the way you talk, the way you live… It feels like two parts of the same soul connecting. It’s a type of feeling that can’t really be described without maybe sounding a bit crazy to some people. But, you’ll know without a shadow of a doubt that they’re a part of you and you’re a part of them. When you’re apart, it’s like a piece of yourself is missing. And, if you do separate, you know that a part of you is left with them, and a part of them is left with you.

You are two parts of the same soul.

I recently met my twin flame and it was like looking at myself. In all honestly, I didn’t believe in twin flames or really know what it was until I spent time with mine. We have the same personality, the same interests, we understand each other on a higher level that no one else can really understand… We knew each other better than we ever could have imagined in just a few days. We can exchange a look and know exactly what the other is thinking. Just being around them makes me feel like I’m complete and safe to really be myself.

Soul mates are a very real, sometimes scary, thing. But, when you’ve found them, you’ll know – and when you do, your life will never be the same.

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