The Different Strategies for Managing Online Gambling Addiction

Useful Strategies for Managing Online Gambling Addiction

An online gambling addiction is a pathological need to gamble online regardless of the consequences. Also known as compulsive gambling, it is the inability to control the urge to gamble even in the face of recurrent losses and looming bankruptcy. Symptoms of addiction range from being secretive about your gambling habits to borrowing money from friends and family to play casino games.

If left unchecked, an online gambling addiction can cause significant financial difficulties and jeopardize important relationships. So, it is crucial to register at a casino site, such as, with responsible gambling tools. In this article, we discuss the different strategies you can use to manage a gambling addiction and what they entail.

Common Strategies for Managing Online Gambling Addiction

Struggling with an online gambling addiction is a difficult experience because it is often a challenge to suppress the urge to gamble. The good news is it is treatable, and many strategies have been proven to work. Below are some of the best strategies for managing an online gambling addiction. 


Many online casinos today, including Vulkan Vegas, have a self-exclusion option that allows you to take some time off gambling for a while. You can choose the amount of time you’re willing to self-exclude, with the minimum amount of time set at a few months. You can use your time in self-exclusion to rediscover old hobbies and address possible emotional triggers that drive you towards gambling. 

Seeking Professional Help

One of the best ways to go about recovering from an online gambling addiction is through the help of a professional. Qualified healthcare professionals can create an effective recovery plan which would place you on a faster route to getting better. Professionals are also equipped to handle cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a kind of therapy proven to be immensely effective in treating addictions. 


In addition to seeking professional help, it is also helpful to have a good support system in place. Recovering from a gambling addiction is much easier when you have family and friends in your corner looking out for you. You can also benefit from support groups, either online or in person, that specialize in providing help and support to people struggling with a gambling addiction. 


One important lifestyle change that can accelerate your progress toward recovery is developing a mindfulness practice. Multiple studies have shown that mindfulness meditation is quite effective in helping compulsive gamblers resist the urge to gamble. In fact, it has been demonstrated that after a sustained 8-week mindfulness practice, gambling addicts showed an improved ability to stay in control and remain relaxed without needing to play games.

Other Strategies for Managing Online Gambling Addiction

In addition to the main strategies listed above, there are other things you can do to make the process of recovery smoother. While these activities alone cannot effectively manage a gambling addiction, using them in conjunction with other strategies, like the ones already mentioned, can be quite productive. 

Changing Your Daily Routine

If you have a gambling problem, chances are you spend large chunks of your day just gambling online. To truly kick the habit, you will need to be intentional about creating a new daily routine, one that fills up those gaps in time with a different activity. 

Limiting Internet Access

If you find yourself always finding a way around your self-exclusion, the next best thing might be to limit your internet access. This way, you reduce your chances of feeding into your addiction. 

Identifying and Managing Triggers

Gambling gives you a rush of dopamine, whether or not you are winning. Because of this, many people turn to online gambling for a release when going through difficult emotional situations. If you find that some situations trigger your urge to gamble, try to be wary of them and stay away as much as you can. 

Learning Stress Management Techniques

Just like emotional distress, stress can drive a lot of people toward gambling. If stress is a major trigger for you, you can try managing it by doing stress-relieving activities such as:

1. Going for a walk
2. Taking care of your body 
3. Pursuing your hobbies
4. Connecting with your community

Summing Up

Gambling addiction is a serious problem that requires intervention and should never be ignored. In general, it is advisable to use several strategies at once when addressing this addiction to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment and ensure a complete recovery. 

Support from family and friends is immensely important during and after the recovery process. If you’re concerned about your gambling habits and worry you might be developing an addiction, reach out to loved ones and make an effort to self-exclude. Do not keep your gambling problem a secret, as this tends to only worsen the situation.