The Power of the Beach: 3 Reasons the Beach is the Best Place to Relieve Stress

Relaxation is a powerful tool to relieve stress. Whether it is stress associated with your body or your mind, taking the time to shut down and not work towards anything but letting go can be vital to being a happy and healthy individual.

To achieve this centering of the mind and body, it is important to find a comfortable place free from distraction, so that nothing is distracting the brain. Whether on vacation, or just visiting a local site, the beach can be one of the most beneficial environments for relieving stress and giving your brain a break from the pressures most people are forced to confront on a daily basis. This is the case for a multitude of reasons, but here are a few:

  1. The texture of the sand and how it feels against your skin. There is nothing quite like burying your feet in the sand at the beach and the sense of satisfaction it elicits in the human body. 
  2. The sound of the waves crashing on the shoreline. Many people use websites or CDs to recreate the audio, but there is something altogether deeper about experiencing this phenomenon in person. 
  3. Becoming closer with nature in all forms can make us feel connected to the earth and help the brain to unwind. At the beach there are almost always birds, fish, seashells, and other forms of wildlife, all experiencing the same sensations as the people lying on the beach with them. This interconnectedness is comforting and should be embraced.