What Is Most Suitable for a Minimalist Fishing Kit?

Being minimalist is in fashion, and it can bring many benefits. Owning fewer things can not only save space and money but also make you feel calmer and better. When it comes to fishing, it is very easy to get into the trap of buying new things. If you want to create a minimalist fishing kit, you are in a good place. We asked Findyourfish pros about what you really need in your fishing kit. Let’s see!

Do You Really Need All Those Lures?

If you have been fishing for some time, you know that there are countless lures you can choose from. They come in all shades and colors, and various sizes. Some people own more lures than you can find in a fishing store. But do they use them all? Doubtfully.

You don’t need to buy every type of lure in various colors. You should be complete with a drop shot, spinner bait, and a plastic worm – that will get you fishing in all environments. The drop shot is best for deep water and for rocks. The spinner bait will serve you in the weed line, and the plastic worm is the best choice for heavy cover.

You can try to choose the lure that best suits your place of fishing and consider what fish you want to catch. Remember that with good techniques, you just need three to five lures, not fifty.

How Many Rods Do You Need?

While the answer “one” would be the most satisfying for a committed minimalist, it’s not always the best choice. For example, when you fish with kids, you should take a few rods for them. When one fails, and you need to fix it, your kid can use a spare one, without getting bored and losing interest in fishing.

Decide on the length and type of the rod based on the body of water that you usually fish in. Remember that if you fish from a boat, taking a few extra rods is not a problem. However, if you fish from the shore, you will quickly notice that taking fewer rods is better since you have to carry them around.

Choose the Things That You Really Need

You don’t have to have one rod, one type of bait, and one hook to call yourself a fishing gear minimalist. The most important thing is to actually use the things you have. For example, if you buy a fish finder to use it once or twice a year, maybe it is not really needed in your kit. However, if you are using it every time you go fishing, then it can be a part of your minimalist fishing kit.

Less Can Be More 

If you decide to be a fishing gear minimalist, you might quickly notice various benefits. First of all, you can save money. Even if you don’t notice that you spend a lot of money while buying that extra lure, with time a good sum can add up. When you buy one item instead of a few, you can invest your money in better-quality gear.

With fewer items in your fishing box, you can be better organized. The equipment is also lighter to carry. Having less gear also means taking away the need to think too much about what you should bring for your trip.