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10 Not So White Lies Our Boyfriends Tell Us

Although we ladies often resort to the standard assumption that all men, in fact, are the biggest liars, there is something to be said for the lies that most women naturally tell themselves in order to make excuses for the fellows in their lives.

Why, you ask? Because females want to believe their counterparts deceptions.

Whether little white baby fibs or large scale levels of dishonesty, a lie is a lie.

We’ve all been guilty. With the negative notions that come with the act of lying, sometimes we can forget, it’s simply for the best.

Men lie more to avoid confrontation and protect their gal’s feelings. But see, that’s another lie I just told to make myself feel better.

So here it is… our list of the most common lies men tell:


1. No, you don’t look fat.

Do not ask questions that we do not want truthful answers to, right? Wrong.

I prefer my man to imply my body is that of a goddess and I am the sexiest woman alive.

Besides the fact that most of the women who ask this annoying question do not have a pinch of excess .lbs to even spare, the occasional fishing compliments thing is bound to happen.

So unless your guy is kind of a douche who likes to put you down, this one is a no-brainer. Job well was done I hear you loud and clear.. I look good. Thanks, babe.


2. You are a fantastic cook!

“Who’s meatloaf do you like better mine or your mom’s?”

WARNING: Do not fall victim to this trick question.

Let’s face it, cooking is not everyone’s specialty, especially in the modern world with overloaded schedules and the luxury of delivery food at our fingertips (shout out to Seamless).

Either way, he will appreciate the attempt as much as you appreciate his lie.