10 Questionable Decisions to Make in Your 20s

As you mature into adulthood, the goal is to start being responsible. To make good decisions that will pave the rest of your life. But sometimes you need to make that sketchy decision. Those decisions also pave who you’re going to be as a person.

You want that person to be an epic one.

1. Pull an all-nighter

Yes, sleep is an important part of your health but sometimes it’s ok to forgo. After you’ve been strung out on copious amounts of caffeine, you can actually appreciate a full eight hours. You also learn things about yourself from staying up all night. Like you can make it past your breaking point and your love of naps.

2. Skipping a class for a social activity

Class is very important to your education and you’re paying good money to attend. However, it will not be the end of the wold if you miss just one economics class in favor of seeing some friends. Remember an education can also be earned outside of the classroom.

3. Answering an unknown number

When you get a call from an unknown source, it’s tempting to just ignore it and only call back if they leave a voicemail. But sometimes that person on the other line is offering you some thing awesome. Like a free trip to the Bahamas.

4. Flying a cheap airline

Luxuries like snacks and blankets are great when you’re flying. Although, when you forgo those things in honor of a bargain plane ticket, you will not regret it. You will just be thankful you decided to take that trip.

5. Staying in a hostel with strangers

It’s great when you luck out and can have a room with the people you’re traveling with. However, it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes you get a room with people you don’t know. Yes, this can be a scary situation but it can also be awesome. They could have great travel advice.

6. Befriending someone you just met

It’s awesome when you start talking to someone and become friends with them. Now you have been introduced to things you otherwise would have missed by being unapproachable. Like secret bakeries and boats with private beaches. Just always keep your buddies with you. Don’t wander off alone.

7. Going on an unplanned adventure

Planning and preparing for a trip is always a good life choice. Yet when you randomly decide to do something, you’re in for a great time. Like off-roading in the mountains or finding hidden pathways in the forest.

8. Dating the person who’s bad for you

Eventually, the goal is to settle down and be committed to a person. That’s great but it’s also good to date someone that you don’t have a future with. This teaches you things that you want and don’t want from life. It also makes you more appreciative when the right person comes along.

9. Putting yourself out there

It’s hard to take a chance and be vulnerable in life. Which is why we spend most of our lives avoiding it. However, when you do put ourselves out there, you open yourself up to a whole world of possibilities that otherwise wouldn’t be available to you.

10. Working a job you love rather than the one that pays well

It’s easy to get comfortable in a job that has nice paycheck and benefits. Ultimately that’s the goal, but when you’re in your twenties you don’t need all of that. Instead, it’s ok to take a job that is more appealing to you, even if the pay is terrible. You will have more fun and gain more experience than you would have at that desk job.

Being in your twenties is the time to explore who you want to be as a person. You don’t have to have all the right answers up front. You don’t always have to make the correct choice in life either. Instead, feel free to let a little bit of sketchy in. It’s not something you will live to regret.