10 Things Coffee Addicts Will So Totally Understand

In today’s world, coffee is what makes it go. It’s what makes the majority of us get out of bed in the mornings, it’s what gets us through the day, and keeps us awake during sleepless nights. Coffee is LIFE!

1. Don’t talk to me before coffee. In fact, try not to even talk to me after my coffee. Just wait until I come to you

2. We don’t discriminate against any kind of coffee when we are in dire need of it. Coffee is coffee at that point.

3. Freshly made coffee is the best smell.

4. A hot cup of coffee is the most comforting thing in the world. It’s like being wrapped up in a warm blanket by a fire place….but in a cup. 

5. Coffee is the answer to everything.

6. When someone says they don’t like coffee, the words don’t even make sense to your brain. Not like coffee? What? 

7. There’s a million coffee cups in your car, around your house, on your desk….coffee cups are just everywhere. 

8. People think you’re being trendy when you talk about your coffee addiction, but you’re not. You’re just actually addicted. 

9. Your go-to coffee shop knows your order when you walk in the door. 

10. It’s just a given that there are multiple coffee stops during a trip.