12 Original Halloween Costumes You Should Start Planning Now

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I’ve always had trouble deciding on a Halloween costume. I come up with so many ideas, but I can’t possibly dress up as much as I’d like to. 


Combining costumes is fun and it’s hella hilarious. So, I’ve assembled a list of possible costume mergers that you can try out for this year; and how to put them together. I hope this list inspires you like it has inspired me. 

1. Scuba Diving Barbie

I had a computer game as a kid where Barbie was a scuba diver, and we’d go find treasure under the sea together. It’s called “Barbie Ocean Discovery” if you want to look it up.

Doesn’t that sound sexy and fun? She wore an all black wet suit, with some pink panels, and yellow accents; but the scuba part of the costume is totally up to you.

What You’ll Need:

– Long, long bleach blonde wig

– A Pink Long sleeve rash guard

– Bikini bottoms black or white

– A netted material (found at Michaels)- This is to tie around your waist so you’re not just wearing basically underwear. Tell whoever asks, its the net that you saved a trapped dolphin from that morning. 

– Snorkle goggles and mouth piece. – Leave the goggles on your head, with the mouth piece dangling to the side.

2. Space Kitty football Player

There are so many athletic space animals combinations you can come up with: space kitty aerobics instructor, space kitty football player and lastly a space unicorn basketball player. 

This costume is a blast, no one knows what you are, but they love it anyway. I would know, I did this last year. I told everyone I had a big game the next day and I did random unecessary stretching in the bar. I met no guys that night. 

What you’ll need:

-A football jersey

-LITERALLY ANY COLOR WIG – as long as it’s bright and fun.

– Cat ears

– Lots of glitter

– Silver cuffs for your arms (to look more space like)

– Holographic purse

3. Millennial Cupid 

The women’s cupid costumes online are kind of, um…super lame. They are just pink fluffy dress, or a dress with a heart, cheekily placed in the middle. No one will know who you are.

 So, I suggest putting together your own. 

Now this difference with ‘Millennial Cupid’ rather than normal ‘Cupid’ is you have a fun backstory. You are cupid’s young twenty-something daughter. You’re not really ready to take over the family business, you wanted to start a T-shirt line, or be a Kardashian. This is the hippest cupid you will ever find. 

What you’ll need:

-Long Pink Hair Wig

– Choker (pink, red, or diamonds)

– A Baseball dad cap with the heart eyes emoji

– Lace red crop top

– High waisted granny panties

– Fuzzy pink heels or sliders, you wanna go comfy.

– A bow and arrow- Every time you shoot someone they match on Tinder with their true love.

– Your phone out constantly

4. Ariana Grande Latte

It’s fun to dress up as someone who’s glamorous and famous for Halloween, but what if you want to be funny too?! That’s where this costume comes in. 

Best part is it’s super easy to throw together last minute.

What you’ll need: 

– Hair in a high pony tail or high half pony. (If you want to get super into it, you can try to find a wig)

– A microphone or microphone head set

– A white dress

– A Printed out starbucks logo to glue to your dress

And BAM You’re an Ariana Grande Latte

5. Cat Burglar and Bunny Detective/Cop

This is a fun costume idea for a pair of best friends. What’s funnier than a bunny pretending to arrest a kitty? Not much I assume.

What you’ll need:

– Cat ears/ bunny ears

– Prison outfit striped dress/blazer dress. I suggest the Vicky Vice Detective costume for the bunny. Google it, It’s cute.

– Mask/ badge and handcuffs

6. Cinderbella

Literally a combination of Cinderella and Belle. I’m not really sure how to go about that, but it has potential.

7. Spice Girl Scouts

Plenty of girl squads dress up as the Spice Girls, but how many have been Spice Girl Scouts. This costume is simple. Dress as your favorite spice girl and then add a sash with badges and a cute beret. 


8. Sensitive Biker Poet

This costume is contradictive and surprising in a way that makes you seem witty and hot. Bikers are normally hard and tough, but you would be a sweet, deep and soulful Hell’s Angel.

What you’ll need:

-Faux leather jacket, faux leather pants or shorts, all black.

– Nerdy glasses. By nerdy, I mean not mainstream in any way, shape or form. Something an old times philosopher would wear.

– A notebook that clearly says on the cover something like “My dream journal” or “poetry, life musings and more”

– Pins to put on your jacket that support a variety of important causes. 

– Boots

9. Frisky Business

Tom Cruise’s Risky Business outfit, with cat ears. Hilarious.

Can you tell I love cats?

10. Betty Bippity Boppity Boop

Betty Boop is an adorable and popular symbol of pop culture. She’s vintage, she’s cute, she dresses great, but let’s face it– the Betty Boop costume’s been done and done and done. 

So here’s the twist: You are betty boop, the fairy godmother. 

What you’ll need:

– Betty Boop wig

– Betty Boop dress

– Fairy Godmother wand

– Badass Fairy Godmother cape

Sing bippity boppity boop until your bippity boppity wasted.

11. Goth Tinkerbell

I always thought Tinkerbell’s supreme attitude never really matched her look. I think she should have jet black hair, and wear a leather jacket. It just seems more on brand for her. So dress as Tinkerbell’s dark inner self.

What you’ll need:

– Black wig

– Black jacket

– Dark makeup

– Tinkerbell dress

– Ripped tights

– Wand

12. Cowgirl Alien

You’ve heard of Cowboys Vs. Aliens, right? Well, what if one of those cowboys fell in love with one of the aliens, mid war and have a beautiful ethereal cowgirl alien? Then it would be this sweet costume. 

(Does that actually happen in the movie? I have no idea, never seen it.)

What you’ll need:

– Pink cowgirl outfit (plenty online)

– Pick a fun hair color wig or put streaks in your own hair. I’m thinking green.

– Glitter everywhere

– Weird space gun

– Colored contacts, if you’re freaky

I hope this list gets your creative juices flowing and inspires a pretty sick Halloween costume; and if not, I at least hope you got a good laugh.

Happy Halloween, ya monsters.

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