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12 Things You’ll Understand If You’re Obsessed with Dogs

Dogs. Woman’s /Man’s best friend. The furry four-legged creatures that can turn your day around in 2 seconds flat. I am completely dog- obsessed.  You tell me you have a dog, the first thing you’ll hear me say “do you have a picture?” and I will then demand you to show me the pictures that you have.  I’ve been told by my friends that I have a problem ( I mean, is loving dogs a true problem?) and should just get a dog, but let’s be real. Would that really make me love dogs any less? Probably not. So, for all the other dog lovers out there, here are 12 things that you’ll understand if you’re dog obsessed like me.

1.Every time you see a dog you stop in your  tracks to see it. 

Sometimes you walk over to pet it, other times you stand there in awe and say “puppy”


2. You already have the names of your future pups 

Some people know what they’ll name their kids, you already know the names of your 4 legged children. 


3.You get offended when a dog barks at you

You just want their love, you didn’t mean to do anything wrong


4.When on a dating app you immediately swipe  right when they have a dog

Who cares what the person looks like, you’re in it for the dog, duh!