13 Facts About Aries Men

  • Aries men have an attitude, which is evident especially when they feel someone has been rude to them
  • Aries men can be very expressive, from love to art. They are usually great romantics and know just how to express their feelings. 
  • They hate being restricted or limited, they like complete freedom. 
  • Aries men love flattery and love to be praised, you want to turn their bad day good? Show them high praise. 
  • Aries men, much like Aries women, have short fuses and are very moody. Aries men get angry very easily, without major reasons. 
  • Because they like to be surprised, they also like to surprise their significant other. 
  • Majority of Aries men are very ambitious and enjoy challenges. 
  • Aries men like a strong partner who can challenge him physically and mentally. In love, he is impulsive, tireless, dominant and aggressive. 
  • Aries men need constant proof of love in a relationship and are very jealous. 
  • He is not good at listening to well- intentioned advice and has trouble accepting authority
  • When it comes to relationships, he has to be in control. Aries men are born leaders.
  • Aries men is a remarkable friend and is always here for you if you need him
  • Aries men have the inability to accept failure and defeat